2011 Flock – All gone

In 2011 once again I bought six new chicks.   If I learned nothing else this year, I learned I am happier when I mail order directly from the hatchery.  That story we will save for a blog posting.  Now to introduce this year’s flock.


Barred Plymouth Rock Hen

Barred Plymouth Rock Hen

Barred Rock

Another year, another BR.  She was scheduled to be butchered fall of 2012, but it got too cold early and she is still here.  Verdict: They are one of the most consistent birds I have had and there will always be a place for them in my flock.

  • Eggs: nice large eggs.   She was laying February 2013 after her winter molt.
  • Broodiness: none
  • Size: smaller than normal barred rock
  • Molt: Winter 2012
  • Demise: Fox October 2013

Blue Lace Red Wyandotte 

This year I bought two BLRW chicks this year again.    This was the second year I have tried this breed.  The first year both chicks died within the first week.  This year my success is only 50%.  One of the chicks almost immediately developed pastey butt, a chick condition just like what you imagine it is.  It developed what we would call failure to thrive in humans, and had to be put down.    The remaining one we named Lucy because she is the first red bird we have had.   She is skittish at best, better described as just plain space cadet. She has yet to develop any social acceptance of humans, and is quite adapt to dodging any attempt to even touch her.   So far she is laying eggs we call torpedos because they the longest skinniest eggs we have ever seen.  Here is to hoping that she will figure this laying thing out.  In May of 2012 she went broody, but was quickly broken after a couple days in the dog crate .  Verdict: Not likely to repeat tu she was sure pretty. 

Buff Brahma

It turned out to be a bantam and was given away when it was 5 weeks old.   It was a Brahma and had the classic wonderful personality.   In a flock of big girls she had to leave before she got left so far behind in size that she suffered the mean girls syndrome.

slw2011Silver Laced Wyandotte

I got two SLW this year.  I for awhile thought they were two different sexes but it turned out one was properly marked and the other is a little more splash in her marking. I can’t say they are overly friendly, but they are not aloof like Lucy the BLRW.    The SLW laid all winter without supplemental light.   No frostbite. .   One SLW met an untimely death to a predator the Spring of 2012.    The second one began laying soft-shelled eggs.   There was something wrong with her body and she no longer could produce a solid egg.   She was culled fall of 2012.  She dressed out nicely.   Verdict:I plan to try this breed again.

Evaluation and Thoughts on 2011 Selections

Blue Laced Red Wyandotte – I loved her color.   I might try her again because she was so darn pretty, and a tasty meal.

Silver Laced Wyandottes – They tolerated the winter well, and laid most of the winter.   I am trying these again in 2012

3 comments on “2011 Flock – All gone

  1. I love reading about other peoples chickens so these pages have been fascinating. I do fancy brahma’s myself, i have heard nothing but good things about them.

  2. Aren’t summer nights wonderful in Montana, we woke up to 39 yesterday.

    Our Chantecler was was beyond bottom of the totem pole. She got pecked to the point of a naked head. This would go on all the time and my ladies free-range all day, every day except in the worst of winter, then I confine them to a chicken run. It was getting out of hand and so she went to freezer camp.

    I am thinking of trying them again next year to see if it was the breed or just my particular bird.

  3. Whatever happened to your Chantecler? I live in Philipsburg and have thought about adding a few to my flock.
    We are enjoying the cooler weather. 36 here this morning.

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