My Montana To Do List

People call them all sorts of things, life list, bucket list, to do list.  I have lived lots of places and each place I have spent lots of time exploring and learning to appreciate each of the places.   I realized after 10 years in Montana, I am not making time to see and do all the things I need to do while living in Montana.   Those things in your back yard you need to do, but never make the time to do.  Well I am putting them on a list to see if it makes me get a few more done.   I am including a few I have already done as well, because if you are new to the state or planning a visit, I want you to know they are worth the trip.

  1. Visit Yellowstone in the fall . -2007
  2. Visit Yellowstone in the winter
  3. Visit Yellowstone in the spring
  4. Visit Glacier via Red Bus – 2005
  5. Visit Iceberg Lake in Glacier National Park
  6. Spend a night at Sperry Chalet
  7. Spend a night at Granite Chalet
  8. Travel the Beartooth Highway
  9. Travel the Skalkaho pass -2012
  10. See the Virginia City Players – 2012
  11. Ride in a Red Jammer -2005
  12. See the famous Beaverhead Rock 2015
  13. Take the state capital tour
  14. Spend a night in a Forest Service Lookout
  15. Go to the top of Mt. Fleecer.
  16. Visit Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge -2012
  17. Freezeout Lake in the winter when the birds are there
  18. CM Russel Museum
  19. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center
  20. Little Bighorn Battlefield 2014
  21. Pompey’s Pillar National Monument
  22. Big Hole National  Battlefield 2004
  23. Take Historic Walking Tour in Butte – 2005
  24. Hike 10 miles of the Continental Divide.
  25. Spend a night in Gordon Reese Cabin – 2010
  26. Visit Montana State Parks:
    1. Visit Buffalo Jump State Park
    2. Visit Bannack State Park 2004
    3. Visit Makoshika State Park
    4. Lost Creek State Park 2013
    5. Granite Ghost Town 2006
    6. Lewis & Clark Caverns -2003
  27. Visit Hot Springs:
    1. Lolo Hot Springs – spend a night and x-country ski
    2. Elkhorn Hot Springs 2014
    3. Take a dip in Chico Hot Springs.
    4. Take a dip in White Sulphur Springs 2015
    5. Fairmont Hot Springs 2003
  28. Holter Museum  2013
  29. Visit Ghost Towns:
    1. Coolidge 2003
    2. Southern Cross 2006
  30. Museum of the Rockies 2015
  31. Visit Ringing Rocks
  32. Participate in an Audubon bird count in the winter
  33. Tour the Clark Mansion in Butte
  34. Gates of the Mountains
  35. State Prison Museum 2003
  36. Float the Bitterroot River – 2012
  37. See Grizzly Bear in the Wild – 2012
  38. See Wolf in the wild 2008
  39. Miles City Bucking Horse Sale
  40. Deer Lodge Draft Horse Expo
  41. Drive over the Fort Peck Dam 2013
  42. Take a boat tour  in Glacier National Park 2012
  43. Visit Gran-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site 2009
  44. Visit the Daily Mansion and arboretum in Hamilton
  45. Drive Highway 2 from edge to edge. 
  46. Attend a Red Ants Pants Music Festival.
  47. Tour the Historical Society in Helena
  48. Tour the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, preferably near my wedding anniversary
  49. Hike in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area
  50. Hike in the Anaconda Pintler Wilderness Area
  51. Visit the Ross Creek Giant Cedars Grove, near Troy
  52. Red Rocks National Wildlife Refuge 2013
  53. Visit the Bair Museum in Martindale 2015

9 comments on “My Montana To Do List

  1. That is one heck of a list. I was supposed to do Yellowstone this summer when my daughter competed in Tumbling &Trampoline in Spokane. We decided to fly instead of driving there because of other commitments. Instead we drove around Washington. Good luck with the list.

    Keep cranking,

    Robert the DividendDreamer

  2. Now how have you not done the Bear Tooth living so close to it? We did that road a couple years ago. A lovely piece of real estate to be sure. Just make sure your brakes are good!

    I’ve been to the Sperry Chalet too. We were backpacking, and came across it there, in what seemed like the middle of the wilderness. What a treat. Of course I sat down to hot ham and cheese sandwiches and copious cup fulls of lemon aid. I did not want to leave.

    OK, time for me to stop being jealous of where you live. Enjoy!


  3. love this idea! Pennsylvania has lots of beautiful places too (although I know it doesn’t hold a candle to Montana – been there once and can’t wait to go back!). I’m going to start my own list. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Good for you, there are so many amazing places in our back yard. I once lived in Michigan and was amazed at all the cool things to do and places to visit there, and when we were transferred there all imagine was auto factories.

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