25 Things About Me

I see folks who post these as part of their  “About Me” in their blog.    I have always found them interesting.   Finally I have decided to give you my list.

  1. I am one inch too short.   I have always have to hem everything, even things marked as short and petites.
  2. Warm fluffy tapioca pudding is a comfort food, served best with cinnamon sugar.  My grandmothers both made it for me.
  3. I am a fake extrovert.  I have learned to fake it  to be successful in business and life.
  4. I love bracelets.
  5. I can not  figure out what is so cute and special about babies.     I am not drawn to small children, kittens, puppies or chicks.
  6. I am a tea aficionado.  I love a good estate Assam and will splurge on a Pouchong.  Tea in bags is what they swept off the floor and put into bags because if you saw it you would not drink it. 
  7. I love to read.   I am always reading two or three books.
  8. All my pets have been “rescue.”  I am drawn to adults who have been turned in.
  9. I have double digits pairs of cheaters around my house.   Every room has at least a couple pairs scattered around.
  10. I learned to swim by being thrown off the end of the dock by my grandmother who could not swim.
  11. I love hats and have a closet shelf full in hat boxes.   I got that from my Granny.
  12. I have lived for months at a time with no broadcast television and did not miss it.
  13. I am skeptical.   I am not like to accept something because “they” said so or you read it and are repeating it.
  14. I love good shoes, and if economics were not and issue I would have hundreds of pairs.
  15. I weigh less in the winter than the summer, because I love to cross country ski in the winter and lay around like a slug when it gets hot.
  16. I love to send unexpected notes to friends and family via US mail.
  17. I have a creative streak, that many find surprising, because I have worked as a business and computer analyst most of my professional life.
  18. I turn my cell phone off nights and weekends.   If I could get by without having a cell phone, I would only have a land line.
  19. I hate exercise.   Try as I might I have never found that runners high or any other good feeling after exercising.
  20. I love to cook, but really don’t enjoy baking.
  21. I love ethnic food and am willing to try them all. I never ask first what I am eating.   Best to try it, form an opinion and then learn about what is in it.
  22. I am spiritual, but definitely not into organized religion.
  23. I want to know where my food comes from.   I like to garden and raise my own laying hens.   I buy my beef and lamb directly from the ranchers.
  24. I enjoy photography.   It is a hobby you practice your entire life and continue to learn and surprise yourself
  25. I hate driving.

3 comments on “25 Things About Me

  1. #6 Assam and Pouchong are teas that come from different regions and and prepared in specific ways for the tea drinking public.
    #10 And yet the cabin where I learned to swim is my all time favorite place in the world.
    #25 Explains my love affair with public transportation and how I managed to live 5 years without owning a car.

  2. OK I knew a lot of these…but #6 what the hell is Assam and Pouchong?!! #10 I simply can not imagine a worse way to teach someone to swim!!? And #25 explains why I do all the driving! Ha lol….

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