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Windows.   What an amazing thing.   Who hasn’t window shopped?  Who hasn’t walked down a street after the sun has gone down and looked in to the windows of a house before the curtains were drawn?    Who hasn’t looked out the windows and watched  the rain,  the snow or appreciate the sunshine.   One of my favorite quotes is  “Eyes are windows to the soul.”  This blog will be full of thoughts and insights that to my soul and possibly cause you to reflect on your own soul.

I live in rural southwest Montana, with my husband of over 33 years on our little piece of paradise.   Our family  includes a dog and cat we got from a local rescue organization. We are chicken wranglers and keep a small backyard flock of chickens.

We love the out-of -doors, reading, being creative, friends, family,  and life.  We try to practice mindful living.    It isn’t easy to do so, but we try.    We get off the path, and then find our way back, find ourselves back off again.

I have a huge window in my living room that has a mountain centered smack dab in the middle.  I have windows that face north, south east and west.  I find when I look out the window it is a great way to reflect on life, the world and ponder the possibilities.  I use the spectacular vistas I see when looking out the window to help me clear my mind and provide inspiration.  I hope you enjoy the view looking out my window and into my soul on this blog

25 comments on “About Me

  1. Hello again – I have a favour to ask you in your capacity as chicken expert. Would you mind taking a look at the photo on my latest post and telling me – is that chook ‘normal’?

  2. Wow … the view out your window(s) sound wonderful. I was born in the mountains of British Columbia in Western Canada and … your “about me” takes me home. Looking forward to reading more from you. Stay hungry !! 🙂

  3. Glad to discover your blog and thanks for your visit to mine ! PS: I have made yogurt very successfully. I believe the trick is in not killing the stater when you mix it with the warm milk that has previously reached the boiling point, and then the other trick is the temperature of the containers in which you pour the mixture. I never made it in one great batch but I think it is possible. If you wish we can discuss this
    by email, mine is in my avatar. Cheers, Vera

    • I am worried that altitude plays in to my failure. Water boils at my house at 196 degrees. I wonder if I should have made altitude adjustments for yogurt like I do candies. Since I did not, it may have gotten too hot or not cooled enough.

      • Well, I have not made it since I came to the high desert, but I have one of those little heaters with all the cups… after I bring the milk to a low short boil, I let it sit and then I must measure the temperature before adding the starter, I have a special thermometer-spoon for that. The temp must be right: too high kills the bacteria, too low they do not develop…
        The measuring spoon does not have the temp. number on it, sorry! you made me want to make a batch ! … I do not think that altitude has anything to do with it. It is to what point you bring the milk before adding the yogurt sample. I bet you can find out by googling it.

  4. I found your site because I too have been looking for the book from my childhood with the story of the woman who made coats for her geese. I thought it was such a funny story as a child because she initially tried to ‘cut the holes out of the fabric’ which of course only made them worse. I do remember it was in a book of childrens stories. If I locate it I will let you know!

  5. I am glad to discover this blog. Inspirational and look forward to reading more. I am a choreographer of modern dance and years ago I had done a dance called Window Pains…it was a story of how sometimes the heartbroken go to that window and look out of it with tears to find healing. Window gazing is powerful in many way.

  6. Sigh. Someday I *so* want to visit Montana. I have visions of stark beauty…
    In the meantime, thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving a footprint. I’ve loved your posts about your animals and want to read more.

  7. I think this blog is a great idea. There’s something strangely philosophical about windows, the view changes, different things appear and disappear over time, you can only see one direction, the glass stops you getting into the picture.
    I live in England. My window is normally covered in rain so I imagine whatever I like as the view.

  8. I have collected teacups and teapots for years now. I have a collection that I put to use when I have high tea. I have had tea parties with my granddaughter with them. I really enjoyed your story about tea, and I agree, nothing like a wonderful cup of hot tea, and the making of it! Its all in learning to slow down and enjoy lifes little opprotunities to relax! And I agree, tea just is not the same in a coffee mug!

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