Tireless Volunteer – Spay Neuter Advocate

I have a friend who is a tireless pet lover who puts an unimaginable amount of effort into Spay Neuter Awareness and Clinics.   Just last Saturday Ms. L  was the lead volunteer in pulling together a Spay Neuter Clinic in here in southwestern Montana.  She managed to fill the schedule completely with 90 animals and was distressed that she had to turn 35 cats away because they could not handle any more.   You may think that this is nice but it will drop off, but she has been at this now for several years.   Hosting multiple clinics a year.  This is the second clinic already this year.   For some reason the need for this service never seems to taper off.   I often wonder how it can go on like this, but sadly it does.

Ms. L  is a master recruiter of volunteers.   Except for the vets in the spay neuter clinic is staff by 100% volunteers.  Clinics are often held in school gyms and empty buildings.      Experienced volunteers are often the vet assistants, but it takes so much effort by tons of people from check-in the minute the pet walks in the door until the last one is returned to its owner at the end of the day.   Ms L.  has no shame she will ask everyone for help.   She knows many folks say yes to be there as a volunteer and then fail to show up because something better came along.  She is always looking for a volunteer and there is always plenty to do when you show up.

Ms. L  is an educator.   She will talk with anyone about the value of spay neuter.    She has gone to county commissioner meetings, met with mayors and representatives ensuring they understand the benefit of supporting spay neuter efforts in their area.  She knows that excess pets is a problem not just in her area or county, but the neighboring counties and national as well.   She will go anywhere to talk about the cause.   I have see her use every avenue to get others to understand the value of spay neuter.    Look for her on radio, Facebook, and any where else that will let her in to share the message.

Ms. L  is not afraid to finish up any encounter with  an ask….ask for your help.    You decide how you wish to help, but she wants you to help. There are many ways to help.   One of them is economic .   It costs to host a Spay Neuter clinic.   They hate to turn anyone away because they can not afford it.   You can donate to pay for the spay neuter of pets for those who can not afford them.    It also helps when they secure a grant to have your funds as they are often asked for an equal match to be raised on a local level.

Ms. L has one more clinic to plan and hold yet this summer.   That means there will be 270 less horny animals running around making more animals who will likely never all  likely find a home.  She is a animal lover and a hero.