Photo Challenge Day 6 – Shiny and Day 7 – Shopping

Apologies to the photo challenge followers.   Day 6 I continued to feel under the weather and although I did not post that day, I did take my challenge photo on day 6.   Today, day 7,  I am starting to feel better and we went out shopping and I was able to sneak in  a photo today using  my phone.

Photo Challenge Day 6 – Shiny

This was taken of a small vintage aluminum tree in a local store where I teach card making. The glitter covered ornaments just caught my eye and I knew that this was my shiny photo.   I played around taking snapshots of to the tree trying to find the right light and depth of field.    This one was the best of the what I came home with.


There is something magical in about this tree.

There is something magical in about this tree.

Photo Challenge Day 7  – Shopping

Those who know me, know  I am not one who enjoys shopping.    Today we went to town to do our adopt-a-family shopping.   RangerSir’s office adopts a family and the employees and several of the retirees all shop for this family.   Then the day of the office Christmas party they wrap all the gifts and get it ready for delivery to the contact person.    No matter how I feel about shopping I always find myself getting a little crazy picking out just the right things for the adopted family.   RangerSir and I hit the local store and it was not long until we had a full cart of goodies we had picked out for the family.

I am not going to win any awards for this photo, but I got more joy from this shopping trip that you can possibly imagine.

I am not going to win any awards for this photo, but I got more joy from this shopping trip that you can possibly imagine.

Like thousands of others who shop for others who are not as fortunate,  we dig up our best memories and try to share them with strangers by what we pick to give the family we will never know.    We want to help them create memories of holidays and family.   RangerSir and I by tradition always give pajamas and socks.    I remember having warm double brushed flannel PJ’s at Christmas.   I am not sure if they were a new pair or not but  I want these little kids to have something warm to wear to bed and lounge around in the evening.    My family was a great bunch of game players so we always get the kids each a game that hopefully they can play with their siblings.   Of course I have to add books to the collection, because they can take you places and let you do things you may never get a chance to do otherwise.     This year’s family of kids are being raised by a Grandmother and Great Grandmother.   I can not imagine have four kids under 9, as a grandma to raise, but thousands of grandparents find themselves doing just this.    Keeping warm in Montana is always a challenge.  My boss has a cuddly throw she swears by and I have one that I am sitting under here as I write tonight.    RangerSir and I decided that the grandma’s should have some thing like this as well.   We found one for each of them that we hoped each of them would enjoy as they spent time with their grand kids     Lastly like so many others in the group of employees we added a local grocery card.   The family  can buy what they need most or a special holiday treat. They know best for their family.  I came home feeling better about the day and encouraged that maybe I will make the holidays and the new year special for a family who I will never know.

Want vs Need

I redid my kitchen last year because my cupboards were falling apart.  Since that time I wanted a new refrigerator.   I have convinced myself that it is a necessity.   My existing one is very small, by today’s standards it would be in an efficiency apartment, not in the family home.     I can list all the reasons I think I need to replace it.   I have been shopping online and in the stores.  I have figured out what features I want; those I can live and can live without.   I know what options I can get and those I must compromise on.

I was nearly ready to make that purchase.   Then there was a reminder that these economic times are uncertain for so many of us.  It reminded me to think carefully when purchasing wants.   I am not suggesting we should not make discretionary expense purchases.  What I am saying is think carefully before spending money you don’t have to spend.

I have thought about what is upcoming that we need to spend money on that is non-negotiable.   I have thought about other things that may fall into discretionary spending I might want in the upcoming months.   I blogged about it here with you all, as I worked this through.   I knew when I started this blog what the outcome was, but my desire by writing about this all is to put this wish to sleep for awhile.   I will be getting a new refrigerator, but I will be put that decision back on hold until next year at this time.

Thanks for your patience with me as I worked my way through this.   May it provide you with inspiration when you have to pick and choose what you will do now and what you will defer until later.