Evolution of the New Cat

2petsIt seems hardly possible that our new cat has been here for just two months.   She has become a wonderful member of our family.

Most notable to us is that she is so young.    It seems so funny to say she is so young acting at 10 going on 11, but when your last one was over 20, ten is young.   She loves to play with crumpled tissue paper, watch the birds, and hunt bugs.

She is social, not that our last cat wasn’t but when you are over 20 for a cat your favorite life chore is sleeping.   Corabelle makes her rounds each day.   She spends part of each morning following the sunbeam around the living   room. When the sun finally moves from the south to the west window she heads to my office and to say “hi.”   Once my desk has been fully inspected she heads to her favorite hidey hole until my husband gets home from work.  Each evening she spends her evening sitting on laps while we read and stalking the bugs that are attracted by the lamps.

As important for her to find her place with us it was important for her to find her place with our rescue dog as well.   He is a bit of a pill.       I highly doubt she and Harley will ever be the same kind of friends that our first cat and dog, often sleeping together.   They are both middle aged and it is looking up.   Just the other day I found both the cat and the dog sleeping on the love seat at the same time.

Yep another rescue animal has settled in.