In Spite of It All Life Goes On

This weekend here is suppose to be nasty. You can read between the lines for that to mean rain, snow, wind and temps in the 30’s.   Yesterday I curled up and stayed in all day when Mother Nature dealt me a crummy hand.      Today I when I woke up to snow/rain I  said “UP YOURS” and went on about life.     This morning I did my first 5k of the season.

This one was a special one as it was a charity walk for the local shelter’s animal fund.   Albert’s Angel Fund is a local charity  that helps pay for medical expenses for adoptable animals that the local shelter might not otherwise afford.   I love the idea of the partnership of the shelter and the AAF.    Years ago our rescue dogs, Max and Charlie, used to get pledges and annually complete the Walk for the Animals, a fundraiser for the shelter they came from in Minnesota.   Today’s  walk  was a natural fit for me.

If it had been nice weather there would have been no question about participation, but with the rain/snow mix, the wind and the thermometer screaming 34 degrees I was not sure what the turn out would be like.   Heck I was not even sure if RangerSir would participate or not.  We got ourselves ready and out the door before we could change our minds.  The field was full of hardy souls dressed for spring in Montana, the rest of you may call it winter clothing.   There were folks of all sizes and ages, just the dogs were.   Probably the most interesting dog we saw was a Komondor, which I had never seen in person before.    There were also Corgie, Dachshund. Bloodhounds, Yorkies, a 3-legged Pomeranian, Giant Schnauzer, and any thing else you can imagine in between.  The family who parked next to us captured the essence of the field.   They had a little teeny tiny dog of Chihuahua  origin, a large elderly dog of Golden origin, a very young infant in a stroller, a short small mom, and a very tall dad.  See them unload from their rig  and make their family race ready made me glad I had not been a wienie and stayed home.

We finished our first 5K in 55 minutes.  Love that snow in the background

We finished our first 5K in 55 minutes. Love that snow in the background

Here are a couple more pictures taken during the race.     This was the 5th year for the race.   In the first four years of the race it has raised over $13,000 for Albert’s Angel Fund.   Not sure if the turn out will allow us to stay on target, but every bit helps and the race helps to raise awareness.   It was fun to watch the faces of folks in cars to see a mass dog walk.

Look at the puff winter coat.   The rain/snow made focusing a little difficult.

Look at the puff winter coat.


We walked in a wide right-of-way.

Now as I sit here blogging at home four hours later we are getting the snow that they predicted and yes they might be right it could accumulate an inch before it is done.   Sure am glad the walk is over, but glad I was part of it.

Looking off our deck to our shed and chicken coop.   The snow is coming down.

Looking off our deck to our shed and chicken coop. The snow is coming down.


What I did with My Friday Afternoon

cat-friendThose of you who follow this blog know I am a cat person, who brought home a shelter cat who hates me and loves my husband.    This is the first cat we ever had that has NO use for me whatsoever.   I  have given her lots of time and tried so hard to win her over, but two years later it is no go.   She will still walk out of a room when I enter.   She will walk around me to get to my husband.  I want someone to sit on my lap, purr and enjoy being petted.

Now we have a dog, who is a companion animal to both my husband and me.   He likes to be petted, but he is a terrier who doesn’t crave that “lap dog attention.”  So he will sit for a bit on your lap for an ear rub, but he is soon back to sleeping on the floor.

I have been watching the area shelters and thinking about a second cat. I am not a person who is attracted to kittens, I love the adult cats who suddenly find themselves booted out.    If you tell me the owner died or went to a facility my hear screams for that cat.   I know one has be careful when considering an adult or senior cat.   I am the person that a shelter loves to see, because I don’t care about the “babies.”  What I do know about adult cats is old habits are not likely to go away.   Life has already been hard for adult cats in a shelter setting and telling them they would be joining a sassy cat and a terrier could be just too much to ask.

Friday I stopped by the shelter to look at the cats they had on hand.     I sat in the cat rooms talking to the cats, hoping to make a connection.    For some reason my cat karma is dead.   Given the option of me, the kid doing community service sulking on a bench checking their smart phone or just hanging out alone I was the last option.   No one came up and snuggled with me, though a few were interested in the kid, who was more interested in their phone.      Any cat  who I disturbed to pet and chat with acted like I was going to tell them their number was up.   No cat wanted to hang out with me.   I left without a cat.   My time to have a cat of my own was not yet to be.

Puppies, Kittens & Baby Animals

It seems everyone loves baby animals, but me. For some strange reason I am not attracted to that bundle of potential waiting to be molded.  I have a dear friend who is a volunteer at a local animal rescue organization and she has told me about how many folks call wanting puppies and kittens. This mystifies me, after all they are only babies for 9 months, a year at most. Will these people still be enamored with their pet when it is no longer cute? Is the loss of the cute factor why so many dogs and cats end up in shelters?

Our dog of many years recently passed away. We went for awhile without a dog, but after so much quiet we decided it was time to find another dog for our home. The one thing we knew for sure it wasn’t going to be a puppy. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but knew it needed to be on the small/medium size, wanted to live inside, not too much energy, came housebroken and preferably crate trained.

We spend weeks looking daily on checking out dogs. In reading the animal’s stories and we soon knew what we were looking for a dog who once had a family. The changing economic tide, kids leaving for college, elderly owner going to a nursing home, a divorce and so many other stories tugged at my heart-strings. These dogs were all loved, but circumstances took them to the shelter.

Cairn Terrier

Harley, Our Rescue Dog

We ended up adopting a 5-year-old dog.  He came with a name I would not have picked out, a little smaller than we were looking for, but no dog is perfect.  Our new dog is Harley, a Cairn Terrier.   Even though he spent a couple of weeks in a shelter  not being able to go outside every time he needed to, he is perfectly housebroken.  When we leave the house or it is bedtime he goes to the crate and doesn’t make a peep.  He came knowing his basic commands and is quickly learning those commands unique to us: wait, be kind and mine.    He is anxious to please.  He has bonded with us and follows everywhere. After having him a couple of weeks I can tell you he is a great family match and he has found a forever home with us.

If you are ready for a new animal in your family.  I urge you to adopt a rescue animal.  Take your time and get the right dog or cat for you.  You can’t adopt them all.   You can’t solve the unwanted pet problem alone.  Rushing and adopting the wrong pet does nothing for you or the animal.  Know what qualities you want, and which of them are negotiable.   That said you can find a pet that will work in your home and family.  Patience, in waiting for the right animal for you is the key.   It will happen when it is right.  It did for us, it can for you.