Getting Answers

The Madison is not only the highest road marathon in America, but it also likes walkers.

The Madison is not only the highest road marathon in America, but it also likes walkers.

I get on this frustrating bandwagon at this time each year. I look around for a half marathon to finish in Montana’s short summer.   I have picked three half marathons that I would like to do this year.   Now I am busy trying to get answers from the race staff on if they support walkers.      I finish a half marathon in roughly  four hours and some.   Most race organizers want to pack up and go home  in about 3 1/2 hours.    I learned from another plus-size athlete not to let races take your entry fee and then not treat you with respect by rolling up  and going home before you finish.   Ask first and if they don’t plan to be here when you cross the finish, don’t give them your money.

I have finished a half marathon before.   I have a personal best I am trying to improve upon.  Not many people can say that.   It puts me in company of an elite group.   I am worth

Keep watch as I work may way through this mine field of trying to finish one…maybe two or three half marathons this summer.

Smart Training

Harley my  personal pacesetter.

Harley my personal pacesetter.

Once again this year I plan to walk a half marathon or two.   The first one is early in the season and it is time to get serious about my training schedule.   One of the hardest parts of getting ready is training smart.   Not only do you need to find the right training schedule to prepare you for race day.   On the other side of training smart involves safety.   I always think of a woman who was nabbed when running  in Northeastern Montana.   There is nothing you can do to prevent a nut who wants to nab a woman, but there are lots of things you can do to put yourself at the least amount of risk.  Some of the things I do to help my odds:

  • Don’t walk before the sun is fully up.   
  • Wear your reflective safety vest
  • If you must wear headphones, don’t wear them blasting.
  • Walking with a dog, even an ankle biter will can alert you to things you might miss before they are upon you.
  • Let someone know when you leave and should be back.
  • Don’t walk the same time and place every time.

Don’t let fear be your excuse not to get out there, but be smart.