Enjoying My Time Here

I have always been a type “A” personality with a little bit of Lutheran guilt thrown in.   That has always made an outstanding employee, devoted, hardworking and driven.   Unfortunately those traits also make it hard for me to balance work and home life.

Lately I have been reading a collection of spiritual books. They have been really challenging me to realign my way of thinking more importantly the way I live.   I read a book published by Pope Francis, when he was still a Cardinal, another by the Dalai Lama on happiness, a book on  wisdom and compassion with a Buddhism bent, and couple on woman’s empowerment.   They have given me so much to think about.   It has been lots of fun, challenging my point of view,  and full of many of moments of reflection.  I am not sure where this will all end up but   I have created lists of ideas I want to revisit.  Quotes that really hit home and provided inspiration.

I have been looking at my lists everyday;  reorganizing them, deleting some of the items, and  moving others to the top with a high priority.   Some days I move an idea from one list to another.   I don’t know what all this means with these lists, but I am starting to see some changes.   I am starting to recognize some of my short comings and what I might want to move toward.

All this reading  exploring different points of view and ways of looking at life and the world has  reminded me that I want to enjoy my time here on earth.    Enjoyment comes from so many sources, but most of all it comes from being true to yourself, and being a giving member of the human race.  Being  comfortable in your skin is not easy to achieve but letting going of things that you can not change or control and embracing those you can move you toward that inner peace.      Setting limits, so that you don’t get lost in that desire to satisfy others at your expense will give you the time and energy to work on those things you have never found time for before .    These books were full of things  I have heard and read so many times before, but like so many of you I said yeah, yeah tell me something I don’t already know.    What is difference this time is I am actually trying some of this out now….today… not waiting for tomorrow.  Hold on to your hats as I actually try to embrace life find my true self more often.