Chickens and Coats

No I am not considering it, but this morning another chicken enter the world of loosing all her feathers.   It is winter here and in my human mind they must be a little chilly.   It made me think of a book or story I read when I was a child.

It was a story about a poor old woman who had a flock of geese.   The woman took the feathers from the geese  to make a warm comforter for herself.   She in turn took an old coat full of holes and made coats for her geese.  That is all I remember about the book except the illustrations.  I remember so many of the pictures throughout the book.     I can see the pictures of this poor woman making coats for the geese from her threadbare red  coat with holes, as vividly as if I had the book still today.

I have goggled and looked for this book for several days.    I think of  sharing that image of the old woman wrapped in her down comforter, with her white geese in red coats would capture how many of us feel when the temps get cold and our animals are outside.   Chickens make it worse by loosing what nature gave them to keep them warm.    Unfortunately I haven’t found my book online.      It would have been from the early 60, or possibly earlier, since my lending library at two of my grandmother’s homes was full of books from my parents era.   So far no luck finding my book.   Each day I go out to open the door on the shed, and see one more nearly naked bird, I smile as I think about what they would look like with red coats on.