Dress for Success – Half Marathon Style

I used to work for a Fortune 500 company and was an entry-level manager. I used to dress for success every single day.

I have decided that “dress for success” also applies to walking a 1/2 marathon. That may not strike you as odd, but I am a plus sized woman. Not a little big, very big.  I haven’t shopped in the regular sized section of a store since I was in the 3rd grade.   OK, it hasn’t been that long, but I have struggled with my weight since about that time.

I am within two weeks of my first half-marathon, and I know finishing it is a reality, not just a possibility.    I can even imagine that I might finish with 19 minute miles.   The one thing that I have struggled with in all of this is what to wear.  I struggled because my thighs rub together when I walk.  I am aware of how hot it can get even in Montana in the summer.  I know the importance of  sweat-wicking fabric.  But I am also self-conscious of my fat deposits in places that no woman wants. Sweats were what I wanted to wear but they sure were not working for me.

I gave up the fight, or maybe I started to think like a winner.  I order plus sized compression running Capri pants from New Balance, and a sleeveless top.   When they came I put them and looked in the mirror.  OMG they show even the ripples of my cellulite!   My bat winged arms were seeing sunlight and not hidden in long-sleeved tops.     I could not imagine wearing these in public.   Then I thought  I spent good  money and decided that I bought them for function not fashion.  I was going to wear them for me and what someone else thought be damned.

After wearing them for my walks, I can say without a doubt they were a great purchase. There were worth every penny I spent.  I don’t even realize my thighs rub together anymore, that slick compression fabric was the prefect answer.   The outfit  wicks away the sweat and moisture better than I could have imagined.   The little pocket for my MP3 player in the small of my back I thought was stupid is great!   I walk on the frontage road, and can’t imagine what I look like from behind, but you know what I don’t care.

I am about to walk a 1/2 marathon.   I am about to cross something off my life list.   I am dressing for success, and sized doesn’t matter.