Fun Fridays

This has always been a tough time of year because RangerSir works weekends during hunting season.   He is busy doing what is called hunter patrol.   In past years this was a time where we often found ourselves passing in the night.   My days off were the traditional Saturday and Sunday and his were whatever he could grab.   Many nights he would not be home for the dinner hour.   It was not not a near miss either,  it was often closer to 8 when he blew in the doors.   All he wanted was a hot shower and to relax.

Since I have had my hours cut back and I now have Fridays off as well we have set aside this day to have fun together during hunting season.   We have started off our Friday with a Thursday night date.

Date night is tough because we love to eat good food.  There is not an over abundance of places to eat out and with the loss in salary we felt eating out was an extravagance we probably should not indulge in. Instead we have been cooking together on Thursday nights.   We have had all sorts of special dinners, playing music, drinking wine and dancing a little.

RangeSir looking for wildlife.

RangeSir looking for wildlife.

Our Fridays have been like a one day vacation that we have decided to give ourselves.   One week we packed up a picnic and took a half-finished bottle of Thursday nights wine up to the high country to watch for wildlife and huddle under the blankets.    We have explored some places that we have wanted to explore without the weekend crowds, like a little family owned hot springs that is geographically unfit for most folks to visit.   We had the whole place to ourselves.     How cool is that to be outside in the hot springs with all the forest all around?

Saturday and Sunday are my days.   I spend those days so many different ways enjoying my own company,  letting my creative muse run wild or curling up with a book doing nothing at all.

The rest of the week we are like always two ships passing, but it knowing that at least once this week we will both be in the home port at the same time that makes the rest of it all tolerable. Life is full of blessings when you least expect them.

Potato Salad

Summer is the time of picnics and barbecues.   With those activities comes food….potato salad.   There are as many potato salad recipes as there are families.  Each family is sure theirs is the right way to make it and all  think the rest are ugly step-children, having no place at the table.    Having lived many places and participated in potlucks with folks who have come from all corners of the US, I feel I have ate more than my fair share of variations.    Quite honestly it has been fun to eat and hear how each of them are made.    I have a couple of favorites that I make based on the rest of the meal.   There is no right or single recipe for me.   Some of the questions you have to answer when you make a potato salad are…

  • Hot or cold?
  • Mayo or Miracle Whip?
  • To peel or not to peel?
  • Mustard or not, if so yellow, Dijon or stone ground?
  • How many eggs, a few or as many as the potatoes?
  • Seasonings… salt, pepper, garlic salt,  season salt, dill or something else?
  • Pickles yes or no?
  • Sugar?
  • Vinegar?
  • and the list goes on, and on.

When you get ready to make a batch of your family’s world famous potato salad this year, think of the zillion other recipes out there and consider being bold and trying something new and different.