When I Quilt It is Like Coloring Outside the Lines

Quilt2I finished my quilt top late yesterday.    It was a wonderfully relaxing experience.  No thinking about if the pattern was well written or incorporated all the time saving techniques that I would want to incorporate into the construction. I had done this pattern so many times before it was full of my handwritten notes about how to incorporate  the techniques that made construction go faster.   In just hours the top came together.    Almost instant gratification, a plus for me.

Next I was going to baste my layers.   I quickly found that my collection of batting did not include a baby/crib sized bat.   As much as I hate to run to town for just one thing, a baby shower invitation had come in the mail yesterday so postponing the trip until I had a multi-store list was not an option.

Once I had the layers all basted with my curved safety pins it was time for the part I call coloring outside the lines….quilting.   There are all sorts of rules, most of them made to be broken.   Actual quilting  is sort of like music it can be classic and subtle like white on white feathers, or it can be like kick-ass rock-n-roll with bright colors and jagged edges that should not work but do.

I spent some time with my sewing machine getting the thread I want to used all set up.   Then I did some test runs adjusting my tension to get that perfectly even stitch.   Then knowing it was late and my best quilting never comes when I am weary, I turned off the power for the night.

Knowing it has been years since I have done this I needed to let it perk and see what comes to mind for the quilting pattern on this baby quilt.   I already know I am working in a variegated pink-yellow-fuchsia thread on white fabric. I know my mistakes will be glaring to me if no one else.   I am thinking about the oxymoron of doing feathers, or maybe taking the easy way out and stippling.   I am in love with gridwork, should I plan and lay that one out or keep it simple.    Echo quilting can be some what of a hybrid of gridwork and stippling maybe that is the right approach for this quilt.

Hours later I am not sure how I plan to quilt this project.    This blog is postponing the inevitable.   Time to stop that, because the deadline has been set by that darn invitation.