What Does Your iPod Say About You?

I wonder what the songs on a persons iPod says about them.   I had never much thought about this before, but the MP3 player that I had had for years finally died.  I had multiple playlists and had over the years tweaked with them, adding new songs from new artists as I discovered new sounds I liked.    I’d move a song  from one playlist to another, and sometimes deleting them.  I really loved how I had it set up.

I  replaced  my old MP3 player with a new iPod.   This meant that I had an empty slate to begin with.   I had to put iTunes on my pc.   It meant I had to recreate play lists for  my new device.    It required me to think about my artists and what I could not live without.   What I had on my PC that I had forgot about.    As I was doing this I realized I had some really eclectic tastes.  Here are some of the artists that you will find on my device.

  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Dire Straits
  • Tina Turner
  • Judy Garland
  • Vince Gill
  • The Blues Brothers
  • Wind Machine
  • Preston Reed
  • Train
  • Indigo Girls
  • Nat King Cole
  • Crash Test Dummies
  • Hall and Oats
  • Carol King
  • Chris Isaak
  • Dean Martin
  • Monsters and Men
  • Rolling Stones

Does this say I have a very diverse appreciation of music or does it hint at  multiple personalities?

Open Air Concert

Today I attended my own personal open air concert. Not at the awesome outdoor amphitheater at Red Rocks, but right here in Buxton, Montana.   We are talking the outdoor equivalent of a car concert.

Yes, I was singing out loud as I walked down the road today training for my half-marathon.   Keep in mind that I can’t carry a tune to save my soul.  

I have been going through my old music library and loading up my MP3 player with what I think will be great music to carry me through 13.1 miles.   I remember this album or that one and go looking for it in our collection, though it is now on CD to add to my play list.   

I  am also doing the equivalent of buying 45’s.  I have not  done that since I was in junior high school, and Faye Rick and I would go to the local Ben Franklin and get that one song we had to have. We stacked our 45’s on a “record holder” and took them to each other’s house to listen to them on the stereo.  That record holder could be considered an early 70’s iPod.   Today I am going to Amazon and buying those songs that I don’t have in my collection, that I have now decided are part of the  essential collection.  Most of them are favorite songs from my friends record collections that I never got around to buying for myself, a few are modern songs I have heard and thought yes they still make music.

Every day I come home from my walk and delete a song here and there, move this one to the end of hour one, two, three, or four (I don’t plan on needing hour five!).   I find self thinking that this song should be in hour 4 as it is “ass-kicking” and I will need that about then to finish this great adventure.    I am getting this all fine tuned. 

But in the meantime if you see a large woman walking down the frontage road looking like she is talking to herself.   It is me having a personal outdoor concert and I am singing out loud and enjoying every minute of it.