What Does Your iPod Say About You?

I wonder what the songs on a persons iPod says about them.   I had never much thought about this before, but the MP3 player that I had had for years finally died.  I had multiple playlists and had over the years tweaked with them, adding new songs from new artists as I discovered new sounds I liked.    I’d move a song  from one playlist to another, and sometimes deleting them.  I really loved how I had it set up.

I  replaced  my old MP3 player with a new iPod.   This meant that I had an empty slate to begin with.   I had to put iTunes on my pc.   It meant I had to recreate play lists for  my new device.    It required me to think about my artists and what I could not live without.   What I had on my PC that I had forgot about.    As I was doing this I realized I had some really eclectic tastes.  Here are some of the artists that you will find on my device.

  • Ella Fitzgerald
  • Dire Straits
  • Tina Turner
  • Judy Garland
  • Vince Gill
  • The Blues Brothers
  • Wind Machine
  • Preston Reed
  • Train
  • Indigo Girls
  • Nat King Cole
  • Crash Test Dummies
  • Hall and Oats
  • Carol King
  • Chris Isaak
  • Dean Martin
  • Monsters and Men
  • Rolling Stones

Does this say I have a very diverse appreciation of music or does it hint at  multiple personalities?

The Library Never Closes

The holiday weekend here is providing terrible weather.   We started with snow on Friday and it is still coming down.   Not like winter snow, but it is damp, overcast and cold.    It makes me want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book.

I have a collection of books on my Kindle, but tonight I want a quick easy read.   Nothing seems to be what I want.    I am looking for one of those pulp fiction novels you buy at rummage sales or Goodwill.   The freebies on Amazon are not fitting the bill for my mood.    Of course it is Sunday night and our local library is closed, it is late and many businesses are closed for the holiday weekend.

Enter my library’s electronic option.   Even in Montana many of our libraries have an electronic collection.  Tonight I signed in to library browsed the ebook collection.   I found something that met my wish for reading material tonight.  Two minutes later it is on my Kindle and the hot water is boiling.

I hope that everyone who reads this blog takes a look at their library’s electronic collection.   If you have a reader, you may be able to check out ebooks.   If you like audio books, your library will  have a great collection available to you.   I am guessing your system is likely as sophisticated as the one that many the rural libraries in Montana share.   It supports all sorts of formats in ebooks, not just the Kindle and Nook, but many other generic readers.   Audio books can be downloaded to iPods, MP3 players, your computer media players and more.     I can check out books anytime, the library does not have to open.   Libraries are not dead, and full of dusty old books, they are changing to meet our reading habits.  Check it out.

Dress for Success – Half Marathon Style

I used to work for a Fortune 500 company and was an entry-level manager. I used to dress for success every single day.

I have decided that “dress for success” also applies to walking a 1/2 marathon. That may not strike you as odd, but I am a plus sized woman. Not a little big, very big.  I haven’t shopped in the regular sized section of a store since I was in the 3rd grade.   OK, it hasn’t been that long, but I have struggled with my weight since about that time.

I am within two weeks of my first half-marathon, and I know finishing it is a reality, not just a possibility.    I can even imagine that I might finish with 19 minute miles.   The one thing that I have struggled with in all of this is what to wear.  I struggled because my thighs rub together when I walk.  I am aware of how hot it can get even in Montana in the summer.  I know the importance of  sweat-wicking fabric.  But I am also self-conscious of my fat deposits in places that no woman wants. Sweats were what I wanted to wear but they sure were not working for me.

I gave up the fight, or maybe I started to think like a winner.  I order plus sized compression running Capri pants from New Balance, and a sleeveless top.   When they came I put them and looked in the mirror.  OMG they show even the ripples of my cellulite!   My bat winged arms were seeing sunlight and not hidden in long-sleeved tops.     I could not imagine wearing these in public.   Then I thought  I spent good  money and decided that I bought them for function not fashion.  I was going to wear them for me and what someone else thought be damned.

After wearing them for my walks, I can say without a doubt they were a great purchase. There were worth every penny I spent.  I don’t even realize my thighs rub together anymore, that slick compression fabric was the prefect answer.   The outfit  wicks away the sweat and moisture better than I could have imagined.   The little pocket for my MP3 player in the small of my back I thought was stupid is great!   I walk on the frontage road, and can’t imagine what I look like from behind, but you know what I don’t care.

I am about to walk a 1/2 marathon.   I am about to cross something off my life list.   I am dressing for success, and sized doesn’t matter.

Open Air Concert

Today I attended my own personal open air concert. Not at the awesome outdoor amphitheater at Red Rocks, but right here in Buxton, Montana.   We are talking the outdoor equivalent of a car concert.

Yes, I was singing out loud as I walked down the road today training for my half-marathon.   Keep in mind that I can’t carry a tune to save my soul.  

I have been going through my old music library and loading up my MP3 player with what I think will be great music to carry me through 13.1 miles.   I remember this album or that one and go looking for it in our collection, though it is now on CD to add to my play list.   

I  am also doing the equivalent of buying 45’s.  I have not  done that since I was in junior high school, and Faye Rick and I would go to the local Ben Franklin and get that one song we had to have. We stacked our 45’s on a “record holder” and took them to each other’s house to listen to them on the stereo.  That record holder could be considered an early 70’s iPod.   Today I am going to Amazon and buying those songs that I don’t have in my collection, that I have now decided are part of the  essential collection.  Most of them are favorite songs from my friends record collections that I never got around to buying for myself, a few are modern songs I have heard and thought yes they still make music.

Every day I come home from my walk and delete a song here and there, move this one to the end of hour one, two, three, or four (I don’t plan on needing hour five!).   I find self thinking that this song should be in hour 4 as it is “ass-kicking” and I will need that about then to finish this great adventure.    I am getting this all fine tuned. 

But in the meantime if you see a large woman walking down the frontage road looking like she is talking to herself.   It is me having a personal outdoor concert and I am singing out loud and enjoying every minute of it.