Can’t Put It Down

Anyone who enjoys reading, knows the feeling of reading a book they can not put down.   After waiting months to get “Gone Girl” from the library, my number finally came up, and I checked out the long awaited book.

I just finished the book this morning.   For me it was a bit of a slow start when I first picked it up, then that all changed.     I can say  it twisted and turned more than I ever imagined, even as I turned each page.  When I thought I had imagined the worst and what could come next, I was thrown a curve ball.   Soon I was reading it in the morning before I got out of bed and it was the last thing I read at night.   I forgot my Kindle at home when I went to get my hair done, and found myself downloading it to an app on my phone.   There I sat reading it on my phone while I sat under the drier.   That was a new first for me.     I was reading it on the treadmill.    I was sneaking it in whenever I found a chance.      Now that I finished it,  all I can say is whoa they are nuts.

I am now ready to watch the movie.   Not that I expect it to be the same, movies always change things some to make it work and flow for a movie, but  I will know what is really going in the character’s crazy minds.   I will fill in any blanks the movie doesn’t.   I am thinking that this movie is this generations “Fatal Attraction.”

Now I am on to a lighter, mindless, fun, easy read.   Possibly off to edit and work on National Novel Writing Month, unfinished novel.   It is time to look at finishing or at least moving that along in the process.

Grown Up Movie Date

Last weekend RangerSir and I went to town and did a movie date.   It is not something we do very often, because we don’t have the same taste in movies, I can not imagine sitting still for two hours, and the thrifty side of me hates the expense.     I was in the mood to splurge and it was my turn to pick.   I choose “The Hundred-Foot Journey.”   I did this for two reasons.   I like Helen Mirren and I like food.   I wasn’t expecting great things, possibly a little more of an art film bent than your standard boy/girl move.  I tend to enjoy art films, even subtitles and my little corner of Montana is definitely short on that.   This had the look of a possibility.

No doubt there is the standard “love story”, but I found so much more to enjoy.

First let me say, the movie had  the usual cliché story of nice looking young fella and gal attraction  who get together, torn apart and together in the end.   I let this all take a back seat to the wonderful acting and interaction of the adults who were in their sixties, Helen Mirren and Om Puri.   It was so great to not see the grown-ups relegated to supporting walk-on roles but in was be part of center stage and the story.   Helen did not disappoint me, and I enjoyed seeing  her work with Om Puri, who was great as well.  I loved glimpses of the beautiful scenery of France, that I am likely to never seen in person.

Though RangerSir and I were chopping away at the monster bag of popcorn in lieu of lunch, we both were wishing that there was any Indian restaurant near by to satisfy our gastronomical senses that had been aroused by the cooking and spices shown on screen.  I think that there is maybe one or two Indian restaurants in the whole state of Montana, so Indian food was only going to happen in my kitchen.   I am now wondering about adding cardamom to some things that are not considered “normal”, as it is one of my favorite spices.  After this movie I am thinking a little adventuresome uses of the collection of spices in my drawer.

My biggest disappointment was the missing subtitles.  I know most American’s hate them and this after all was an American target audience film.   There was lots of French and the native tongue of the Indian family spoken.   All of which I missed because the film maker thought it was alright to sum it up with an occasional English blurb that would give you the  gist of what was spoken.   If you don’t like them, don’t read them, but don’t leave me out by not including subtitles, and giving me a shorthand version of what was said.

When we left both, RangerSir and I, agreed it had been worth the spluge.   We had enjoyed the movie more than we had planned.   It was worthy of our time and glad we had gone. Besides that it was a date and you never get old to date, look at Helen and Om.

How Much Can You Squeeze Into a Day?

This weekend was supposed to be a gastronomical get away with friends.  We had planned an long leisure ethnic tapas style dinner, followed by walks to a highly recommended ice cream shop and a night cap or two before spending the night at a hotel.   The dog has reservations at his favorite dog sitter who has a doggie door, that he just can’t get enough of.   Work circumstances for Mr. Ranger Sir have gotten crazy.   He  has been gone all week and will not be home next week.    He squeezed a single day off  Saturday and came home for a little R&R.  There was no way our out-of-town rendezvous was going to happen.

He came with plans for doing  dirty laundry and wanted nothing more than to sleep in his own bed for hours.    Unfortunately for him the birds we had not  butchered because of nasty weather were getting wild.  They were starting to fight.   They were picking at everyone’s feathers and some of them were start to have naked areas.   Yep with the precious single day at home we spent three hours of it butchering 11 chickens.   We started at the crack of dawn and got started before the predicted record highs for Montana became a reality.    We got rid about half  our flock.   Gone are all our roosters and the broody girls.  We have 12 birds left, one from the 2011 flock, four from the 2012 flock and the other seven are what is left of this year’s chick order.   We will have to butcher one more time before the snow flies and get rid of about half of what is left, but that is for another day.

Next came laundry, laundry and more laundry.   I can’t say a bad word about this because Mr. Ranger Sir is sure he does laundry better than I can.   After 35 years with this man, I just get out of the way and let him do it.

Then we cleaned up the coop.   We laid in fresh straw, cleaned containers, topped off food and reminded ourselves about why we don’t do this many birds.   The remaining flock is so much more settled and our role to keep they healthy, clean and fed just got easier.

We cleaned up and headed to town.    Lucky for us going to town included a stop at the dump, because the butchering  We decided we deserved a two hour time out, and took in a movie.  It was cool, mindless and fun.    Next it was off the K-mart to pick up a few supplies and then the grocery to find food to stock my husbands pantry next week in while on assignment.

Together we cooked up a couple of pork chops with a most amazing mango pepper sauce, along with a salad.     It was nice to sit at the table and try and catch up with all that had gone on, and try to make plans for the up coming week and beyond.

The last thing of the night, Mr. Ranger Sir packed up his bags with clean clothes, groceries, renewed supplies.

It wasn’t the day either of us had planned but it was full of what need to be done.  It is amazing what you can accomplish if time is short.   You can squeeze so much in and even unexpectedly have a little fun too.