Three Kinds of Salsa

In my last Bountiful Basket I got the Mexican add-on.   It was full of peppers…cayenne, jalapeno, green bell  and Anaheim.  It also had onions,garlic, tomatillos, lemons, limes and avocado.  It was a mystery box that screamed salsas to me.

salsasI made three different  fresh salsas.

One red tomato salsa.   I used tomato, onion, garlic, cilantro, green pepper, some jalapeno (first roasted in the oven to take the hot edge off) and a slice of cayenne.  I had some ground ancho chili and added some of that for depth of flavor to complement all that freshness.

One fruit salsa with mango,  I make my fruit salsa heavy on the fruit.   Unfortunately the peaches were not ripe enough to be sweet so it was exclusively mango.   I pureed some of of the three peppers with some onion and cilantro.   I chopped mango, some red bell pepper, some of the roasted jalapeno,  and onion.   I mixed the chopped mix with the puree and then pulled the secret ingredient out of my cupboard….chipotle powder.   I think fruit salsas need something to balance out all that sweet fruit and one of my favorites is chipolte.   The smoke and heat is the perfect balance to that sweet of a mango.

The third salsa classic salsa verde.   I am not sure of another way to fix tomatillos, but it was perfect with the pepper I had received.   I added some onion and cilantro and it was ready to serve.

My avocado was not ripe when I made all my salsas.   The day we were finishing up our salsas, the avocado was ready to be mashed and made into  guacamole.   I had been a good week of eating in our house.