Mud Season Has Arrived

We are having a warm streak here in southwestern Montana.   This winter we had an unusual amount of drifting  that had to be removed from the road by a front-loader to make it passable. Hence monster piles of snow currently sit  alongside the road.   This is now all melting.    It is causing mud season to arrive early and in full force.

Once you turn off the frontage road, you best have your  4-wheel-drive engaged because you are never going to make it here without.   Yesterday the UPS driver arrived with a package and now our driveway is one huge rutted mess.  Today the propane delivery man decided to not even enter the drive, but stopped on the road and pulled the hose for yards to the tank behind the garage.   Smart man.   IMAG2047

We are praying for dry weather, lots of sun and lots of wind so that this soon becomes more than a sink hole of mud.

Spring Thaw

snowMy chickens are going crazy as the days are getting longer, and the snow is  melting.   The snow piles are receding and starting to reveal the grasses hidden below.     The ladies  are now making tracks and traveling afar to find the tasty morsels of green grass and whatever else the snow has hidden away.

Today I came home from town and found them on the other side of the house picking through my rock wall. Yesterday they  traveled over to the neighbor’s place to find any goodies left by the horses.