Pumpkin Pie Update

I did not try to pass my from scratch pumpkin pie off on my friends as the same they always had, but instead asked them what they thought of it.  Different good, different bad,  or heck I can’t tell the difference, so why bother.

To keep this on the level playing field I used my favorite recipe the one on the canned Libby’s pumpkin label.   I really think their use of can milk makes it least likely to curdle.   I used my standard pie crust as well.

Before baking it, I can tell you that my 15 ounces of pumpkin was not as orange as Libby’s.   Mine was like pudding compared to the stuff from the can which holds shape like jellied cranberries.   I was worried, was it too moist?  They both were silky smooth.

Baking was essentially the same.   Same time.   Looked essentially the same.

Taste test was fun because my friends have not problem being brutally honest.   No one wants their chief pie baker to get a swollen head.    Here is what was decided:

  • Libby’s pumpkin pie really only tastes like the spices you put in it, the cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.   The homemade had another pumpkin squash taste.  Not bad, but definitely different.   Most everyone thought it was kind of cool to definitely have a taste of pumpkin in their pie.
  • The homemade was not as sweet as Libby’s.  Whatever secret hybrid that the Libby’s people use it is sweeter than the sweet pie pumpkin variety I got.   If you have a massive sweet tooth this could be a problem.
  • Texture was the biggest difference. Using the canned pumpkin you get something like a pumpkin flan or custard, more gelatinous.    With the homemade pumpkin despite it having been run through the food processor and appearing to be the same as the can it did not cook up the same.   It wasn’t gritting or anything like that with it.   The best way we could come up to explain it was can pumpkin was like skim milk, and the homemade was like whole milk.   There was something more substantial about it in the mouth, but you really can not explain it.

The from scratch pumpkin pie from  was different, but still to the group a pumpkin pie.   It wasn’t lot a lot of work and if I have pumpkins I will definitely do it again.