Magic Words for Dogs

I was leaving for a meeting the other day when I came upon an elderly lady with a little Yorkie running wild on the road.  My mind is cranking away that this lady somehow thought it was alright to pull onto our dead-end road to let her dog do his duties.   In spite of it all those less than gracious thoughts running through my mind I was acutely aware that my dog loves to chase a car given a chance and I slowed down.  It was important for me to stop until she had her dog under control.

As I slowed and came to a stop, I felt sorry for this woman whose little rat was having the time of his life running in Montana open range.   Each time she approached the dog he got more excited then running as though playing a game.   He was a indoor city dog gone wild.

This little gray-haired lady approached my rig and sighed.   She told me a tale of woe how she was unable to capture her dog  after she let it out for just a second.   She was wondering if I would help her capture her little critter.  Lucky for her we always carry in our glove box some dog treats.  I got out of my rig and called the two words guarantee to bring any dog in.    Treats and want to go for a ride?   Before I had it out of my mouth that little critter had his feet on my running boards and begging for a bit of food.     I picked him up and handed him to his owner and was on my way.

One minute I was feeling frustrated because I was running late, then the anger because someone was letting a dog poo in on my road….the next a silly little dog in a tartan jacket was making me smile and I was happy I could help a stranger.  All a reminder that life is what we make of it.   It can be full of stress and anger or I can choose to change how I look at it and embrace it in a positive sort of way.