Movie Night a Holiday Tradition


As we watch a movie it moves from the left unwatched pile to the right side viewed this year pile.

Every family has holiday traditions one of ours is to watch a holiday movie every night starting the day after Thanksgiving.  We started this tradition years ago when we got the ABC Family station and they had 25 days of Christmas shows and movies.   Some of what was shown was classic holiday shows, some shows were new and others were reruns from previous years.  Each night we watched what they presented. It was time for popcorn, turn on tree lights and have romantic evening on the couch with RangerSir.

This inspired us to create our own collection.   We have been collecting holiday movies now for years.   Some DVDs in our collection are classics and others are multipacks put out by Hallmark or other source.   Even though we have quite a stash now, we still find ourselves pulled to the $5 bin at Kmart or browsing Amazon looking for something that we don’t yet have.  New things are coming out and even old classics are being discounted all the time. We have enough now that we don’t watch everything every year.

The tradition of watching a show a night is a sort of guilty pleasure because some of the movies are possibly cheesy at best, and surely others would scoff at some in our collection and our use of time. We don’t care.  One night is lady’s choice and the other gentleman’s choice. We sometimes laugh at one another because of our choices.   It may seem a little crazy that we watch some of this, but is is quiet time together in a crazy mixed up season.  Time well spent in the company of my love.

Whatever your traditions enjoy them and your time with family and friends.

Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures are those things that we enjoy doing that we don’t want to admit.   Maybe they are not good for us.  Sometimes they are things that we are embarrassed to admit we do.  Most of us have a few of these, including me.

Pulp fiction, for me the monthly romance novel is a guilty pleasure I am somewhat embarrassed to admit.   Romance novels seem to carry a connotation of being less than other books.   The fact that these books are written in easy language in a predictable format, gets them less respect.  They are a favorite for me to relax and clear my mind when nothing else will do.   Yet these authors sell plenty of books, publish many titles and make a living at their craft.  Many of these authors also eventually write longer novels that eventually make the break into the NY Times best seller list.   How many of us are making a living at a craft we love?  Is it really a guilty pleasure.

Another guilty pleasure is tea with shortbread.   This is a combination of  financial extravagance (teas) and not being good for me (shortbread). I love tea, and have a vast collection of loose teas from different areas of the world; green tea, white tea, oolong, and blacks-Assam-Ceylon-Darjeeling. I love Chai, homemade not out of the carton.  I have developed a pallet that can often tell the difference in teas when my husband prepares a mystery cup for me.  I have a shelf in my kitchen cupboards just devoted to assorted loose leaf teas, strainers, pots, cozies, cups, and trays.  Though my stash of accessories is quite sufficient, I am always on the lookout for something that just screams to be added to my collection.   I love when my tea selection gets low and I can spend hours on my favorite tea shops online debating what I am going to buy next.   I love to make shortbread with real butter.   I am always on the look out for new recipes to try, that have that perfect combination of butter, melt in your mouth qualities and nuance of flavoring.

This is not all inclusive, but I have revealed to you two things I do,  I am not quick to admit, making them guilty pleasures.  What are yours?