My Wish List – a Greenhouse

My family was here last week from the Midwest, the land of long growing seasons and plenty of water.   They were amazed when we had frost twice in their four-day stay.  Where they are from the average last frost is the last week of April and that long growing season won’t end until frost arrives some time in mid to late October.  Our average last frost is late June or early July and less than 60 days later in August our first frost of the fall will arrive.

When compared to where we live in Montana, the Midwest is the promised land of milk and honey.   Produce is local, good and plentiful.   You have more than you can use and share with your neighbors.  It is one of those things that I miss most a garden and produce.  My uncle must have said several times each day you need a greenhouse and he is so right I do.  I am putting that on my wish list right now, a greenhouse.