Quilting Done

2013-11-01 quilt 001Tonight I finished the quilting on the baby quilt I have been working on.   I am pleased with it. It is just the right combination of curves and straight lines.

I have trimmed and squared it up.

Now I have to finish attaching the binding.   I have sewn on the binding  to the front.   I will be spending this weekend folding it over to the back side and sewing this down by hand.   Won’t be long now and I will have a finished baby quilt to share with you.

Making the Back Look Good


I have finished quilting the planned areas of my baby quilt.    I did some diagonal lines on the edges and some stippling in the main body.   It went pretty well, but my time away from quilting showed and my stippling isn’t up to what was at one time my standard.  When you quilt breathing is as important as when you exercise.   I found myself holding my breath it caused some of my movements not to be as smooth as I would have liked.

Now is the time to turn the quilt over and decided if I need to add some more to make the back as nice as the front.   Normally one does not worry too much about this but when you use a pink/fustian/yellow colored thread on a white on white backing you artistic choices are out there for everyone to see.    I have decided a little outlined quilting on the sashing between the rows of blocks that have been stippled quilt will create a unified look.    It will put a little straight line in the middle of the quilt creating balance of curve and linear design.

Keep watch for the back side.