Reminder of What Is Important

I have been offline for the most part recently.   I traveled away from home in January for work and then I broke a shoulder.   I had lots of personal things going on and really did not feel sharing.  When I blog, I want it to be something more than woe is me.   I want each post to give at least one person who reads it a  one moment of pause, reflection, inspiration, a smile, a laugh, jog a memory, or shed a tear.    I never want you to feel the time you spent on my post was a complete waste your time.

I was laid up with the fracture such that  typing was slow and cumbersome.    I was ready  a few days into the discovery of my broke shoulder to have my life back.      I did online research and talked with my orthopedic surgeon about my type of break.   Together with the doctor, I  examined two options and I elected the most restrictive option initially, but with the shortest period of restrictions and most complete physical recovery.      I will freely admit that it has been rotten being so restricted.    I have been on restricted movement for four weeks and have two more to go until the intense restrictions are lifted.  Or at least that is the plan and so far things look to be running on schedule.

During the time I have been laid up,  we have had four contemporary  colleagues and friends who have passed away.  It has caused a lot of reflection here.    RangerSir and I have started to reexamined our end of life directives.   We are making updates and making sure everyone is on the same page regarding our wishes.  We did them when we moved to Montana and not have reexamined them in too long.    Not only have we started looking again at our end of life plans, but we also looked again at how we were spending our current lives.   We left the high stress, competitive lifestyle of Fortune 500 companies behind for a reason.   We are again talking about those reasons.  We were raised with the good Midwestern work ethic, and Lutheran guilt.   It makes us great hard-working employees, and we easily find self-induced guilt to make us work longer and longer hours.   We have been reminded time is short.   We need to do our best job; give 110% and the go home and embrace the life we want to live.    Here is to working towards that goal