My friend who snapped this picture of me has always titled it “Oops!”   When most people would be embarrassed to have such a moment caught on film,  I love the photo.

First,  I smile every time I look at.   I can feel the laughter that bubbled out of me as I laid on my back in the snow.   Laughter is good and releases chemicals in the body that calm your heart and give you a sense of well-being.   I hope  each time I look at this photo at those same chemicals will pulse up in me again.

Second, I love that this picture reminds me that life deals you cards and you play them.    If you look closely you will realize that I was heading downhill smack into a tree.    I had just seconds to decide how I would like to deal with my situation.  It was nanoseconds, I don’t remember thinking about my choices.   I didn’t have enough time or control my descent or to miss the tree.  I just laid down in the snow.   It was perfect.

It is a great reminder for me.   Life happens.  Much of it won’t be something you planned for  or can control.    Embrace each moment of your life.