Grammer 101

I recently completed a survey about grammar for a family member in college as part of a project.    It will be interesting to see her survey results when she compiles them. I like to think I am fairly proficient in grammar since my I am required to write for my job and I have been a blogger for years.

When taking the test there were a couple of areas I think I stumbled in.   It was a bit of a surprise, as I have taken quite a few English courses since high school.   Not only have I taken  general college English classes but several business writing, public speaking and creative writing classes.  Along with that I keep a couple of English usage references in my desk drawer at work, that I reference when something doesn’t sounds just right.

One of the closing questions was about if I read text books about grammar.   Of course, I answered that question NO.   Who has time or wants to do that unless you are fascinated by the English language?  It did get me thinking though that it might be time to brush up on my grammar usage.   Just because it sounds right or everyone around her talks that way does not mean it is proper English.  Maybe it is time for another writing class to brush up on my skills.

And you wonder why the dog does not follow basic commands.