Rhubarb Update

Split rhubarb transplants

Split rhubarb transplants

My Craig’s list search worked!   I got two replies and one of them panned out.    The folks were thrilled to get rid of plants that they had no use for and to not end up with big holes where they were.

I got three overgrown plants that were too far gone to try to transplant.   I did it anyway.   For the cost of three bags of soil, which was less than one of the many nursery pots of rhubarb I bought, I got three huge plants.

I brought them home split them and planted them.   Now we can cross our fingers,  treat them well, and hope that  few of my new splits make a go of it. Next year at this time I will have at least a couple new plants, if I am lucky more than that.

Terrible Timing

My treadmill’s feedback brain died.   It is absolutely the worst possible timing.    It will be another few months before those new year’s resolutions treadmills start hitting the classified ads or Craig’s list.  In the meantime the days I can’t drag myself out for a walk in the cold I will be walking on the treadmill, never quite sure how far I walked.   It isn’t a real big deal since I know my pace after all these years of walking.   But as anyone who has ever done treadmill, will verify, there isn’t much more boring that a treadmill. I use that little feedback on the dash to help keep me moving forward.    This hiccup isn’t going to stop me, but I am going to be looking for that “steal of deal” on a treadmill with a working brain.