Death by Chocolate

Abby cat with a hint of evil in her face.

Abby cat with a hint of evil in her face.

Our cat has no use for our dog and this morning  she tried to do away with him…death by chocolate.   I am sure that she has long wanted to do away with this rug rat she has to share her human space with since the day  she stepped foot in our door.   There is no doubt that she has mulled numerous ideas in her mind before settling on this one.

My husband is my cat’s favorite human. Dear husband and Abby Cat have a bond  that makes nothing else matter.    I am sure the fact that he has a habitual sweet tooth never crossed her mind when she discovered he had  bought a package of Hershey’s Kisses home yesterday.     Abby believed that her person had bought these to aid in her plan, not to feed his addiction.     Now things were set in motion Abby just needed to wait for the perfect moment. It happened this morning.

DH got up an fed the animals as  part of his normal early morning  ritual.      Like so many Sunday mornings he came back to bed.   The next thing we hear is lots of scurrying outside the bedroom door. .

DH nudges me knowing I am reading and not trying to sleep, asking me what the cat is doing now, with a hint of frustration in his voice.   He knows that despite the fact I am the number one cat person in our house, this cat has done nothing in the two years she has been here to endear herself to me.   It is highly unlikely I am going to leave my novel and warm bed to go see what happening.   Hearing just a continued shuffle, he can no longer stay in bed.

He makes his way to the kitchen to see Abby grabbing Kisses by the tail and throwing them on the floor.   There on the floor is the dog, with great anticipation receiving the umpteenth Kiss that she has been thrown him.   Now everyone knows, including cats, that chocolate can be deadly to dogs.   Everyone also knows that most dogs, including ours are garbage hounds.   They like to eat food if it is good for them or not.  I can almost imagine Abby smiling with glee as she watch the idiot dog eating the forbidden treat wrapper and all.

Fortunately for our dog, my husband’s sweet tooth left only a few Kisses left in the dish, and the amount of chocolate in a Hershey’s Kiss doesn’t amount to squat.   Much to Abby’s chagrin her plan was foiled.   The little black and gray rug rat is here to stay.