I was Possessed by Silly

I was possessed by silly the other day.   I had an impulse moment in K-mart and bought a doggie winter coat.  That was not my silly moment.

Nor was it when I put it on my dog and he looked like he had an over-sized head on a little body.

Harley in his swanky snowflake jacket.

No my silly moment came when I wondered what would happen if I put the snowflake jacket on my cat, who isn’t crazy about me to begin with.   She loves the sun and hates the cold.  A polar fleece coat could be just what she needed from me to win her over.   She quickly fell asleep all toasty and warm.   Unfortunately she still hates me.   I am thinking  my cat feels that I picked the wrong color jacket and it clashed with her calico coat.  I am doomed to be on her bad list for awhile longer.

Taking a cat nap in her new duds.