Making It Work

One the things that feeds my soul is my creative pursuits.   This new job has made it a little more difficult to feed that outlet.   I work ten hour days in the field and spend my nights away from home.   It has made access to my creative supplies limited and most nights my energy is completely maxed out.    This said, I am not giving up on being more than a worker bee for four days a week.

I always have my camera in my work truck in case I come upon something great driving on the backroads of Montana.    I have also started to explore some of the advance settings available on my smart phone, that I am starting to carry with me when I am out doing field work to capture some of what I see in “my office”.   I discovered just this week my phone has a macro setting, that I can use for close-up photographs.

I thought I might  do more with my writing this summer.   I had hoped to start editing the novel I started in November nights in my motel room. I had hoped to do more travelogue blogging about what things and places in Montana.   So far I have been doing my blogging at home and scheduling them for the next week.   There have been no spontaneous blog posts.  That doesn’t mean there might be one yet in my future.   It is too soon to give up.

I planned to finish binding on three quilts that could be done if they had a binding.   They have been around my house as unfinished projects for way too long.  I imagined that I would finish the bindings in front of the TV in the motel room.  Not having TV at home, I thought I would spend time watching things I don’t get to see at home.    So far I have not found TV that I wanted to watch, so I guess it is okay that  I haven’t even packed a quilt  to take along at this point.   There is so much I have to take each week, a quilt seems like just too much to tote each week.

This week I am adding my sketch book to my collection of personal stuff I take along in my work truck.    I am not sure exactly why.   I don’t seem to have any talent in the drawing arena, but it might be interesting to see what I put in there with a few minutes I hope to carve out when I break for lunch.  Maybe they will be sketches, doodles, a few words or something else.    I will pack some sort of pencil case at this point and call it another grand experiment.

This job is all about doing something out of my comfort zone and exploring life in a way I have never done before.    I have always found that I often do my best thinking when I am being creative, so I am still figuring out ways to make it all work.

Spreading Yourself a Little Thin

I am one of those type A personalities who functions best when have 2 or 3 more tasks that I can reasonably do.  Right now I have one of those moments going on in my blogging life.   I took on challenge in the blogging world to post each day a new letter.   I chose to do this on my creative blog thinking it would be the easiest place to follow some kind of them for 26 posts.   I have just finished the half-way point and I am happy to report I have managed so far for the first 14 letters.   It has been harder than I imagined, but  it got me posting regularly there and also got me thinking about the whole idea of creativity.

It takes time to not only write a blog post but you commit to visiting five or six other folks who are participating in this challenge.   This has been a very good exercise because I have found lots of other neat bloggers, writing about lots of fun and new things out there.

The thing that I did not imagine would happen during this challenge is that it would leave my brain a little dry over here on my primary blog.   It was like I already shared something today and now you want me to share again?

So if you are looking for something a bit of of the box, or wonder why I have not been as active here are in the past stop over and visit my creative blog: Creative Play Without Limits

Four Years and Counting

I have been blogging now for just over four years.    Sometimes I feel like what I write about is a bit of a retread, and I began to ask myself had this blog run it course and it was time to move on.    I’ve spent lots of time the last a few weeks thinking about this  and have come to realize that I am going to continue share my perspective of what I see when I look out on to the window of the world.

I am in the second  half of life.  I have a whole amazing collection of experiences to draw upon now.    I think it is an interesting perspective, in that some of what happens to me is ” been there done that” and I am so much smarter now.   Yet there is much of this happening for the first time.    Those things that are happening  first time  are things, are  likely such that my decisions ware more critical in that I will have much less time to make corrections and have fewer opportunities at  re-dos.

In the second half of my life I am much more committed to somethings and willing to let other things go.   I take much more joy from life now and this reflection about my blog has reminded me to not waste my time. There is lots more to write about, and even old things may look new.   I am still passionate about life and writing.    So I hope you  will hang around on my blog for awhile longer and visit as I reflect on life as I look out the window.  There will be more stories about wrangling my backyard flock of chickens, recipes and foodie stories, photos and sharing the beauty of nature,  life with my friends and RangerSir along with reflections that come with life.


Three Years and Counting

3 PaintChip CottageArtsI recently passed my three year mark for this blog.    I am not sure I ever imagined that three years later I would still be blogging.

Writing has become easier for me.   I have blogged about topics I planned on and things I could not have imagined.      I have shared thoughts and got your feedback.

I have also learned lots about blog formatting.   I have changed my theme each year.   I continue to become more proficient with tools that have allowed me to become more creative on my site.

I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have.   Thanks for all your support.