If I put a basket on my bike does that make me Miss Gulch?

I have been pimping out my bike, in what I think of as a functional way.   I am sure hard core bicyclists would have fits what I am doing to my bike, but too darn bad.   I am not going to buy a bunch of bikes for every different function I might participate in. I want my one bike to serve all my needs and functions.   I have a mountain hybrid bike that I can use for hard pack trail riding, but also use to ride over to pick up the mail or make egg deliveries to the neighbors on  the gravel roads around here with a little surface riding.      So far it has been working for every where I want to ride.

Using my bike this way I wanted a basket. for things that I find myself toting around.   After months of buying and returning rear bike racks everyone promised would work and did not, I finally found a bike rack that works on my extra small woman’s frame.   It was my first step to getting a bike basket to make it easier to haul jazz around. .   Now I have found a bike basket that I can take off when I don’t want it and put back on when I do need it.   I am happy as a clam.   Just this week I put three dozen eggs in it and hauled it to the neighbors.   I took a four mile trip to go fetch the mail and brought home my large parcel.   Pimped out or not I was loving it.   Then  I come home and my lovely husband tells me I look just like Miss Gulch.   LOL


For those who might wonder I have a petite woman’s frame with disc brakes.   I found the Bontranger back rack small disc to finally fit my bike like rear racks fit the rest of you folks bike.   My basket is a Kettler rear bike basket.

I Feel Special

My husband and I don’t do Christmas, birthday or anniversary gifts, with each other, family or friends.     Instead we get gifts when we see something that speaks to us and tells us it the perfect item for some one and we want to share with them.   It is a statement that you are special.  My husband just told me I was special when I got my first bike in over 20 years.  I had been thinking about one, and looked at models for many weeks, but last Saturday it was coming to be.

I used to live in the city and ride my road bike daily back and forth to work.  It was one of my fittest periods in my life.   I made that commute  daily, and then carried my bike up three flights of stairs to my brownstone apartment.   Unfortunately I was part of an accident with someone who failed to yield.  That accident changed me, I no longer had the confidence on my bike and definitely had lost the gumption I needed to be out there with rush hour traffic and metro buses.

Over the years I have tried to get back “on that horse” more than once.   Finally I was ready and my husband let me know that he knew it too.   I now have a bike.

Today I rode it twice, taking little jaunts of 3/4 mile.   It shows that I have a long ways to go to getting fit enough to really go out there and do some serious distance.   The coolest part of it all is that this gift makes me feel pretty darn special.