And You Wonder Why- Shithead Dog Owners

I tried to think of some other title for this posting, but somehow this seem to be the only thing that fit. I apologize if I have offended you, but I really think it is the best I can do.

I just returned from a week long holiday.    For the first time ever we took our dog rather than board him.   It was an enlightening experience.   The add on fees for places to bring your dog ran the whole gamut, from just a little extra to fees that altered what we would do and where we would go.   I could understand this after all my dog is not perfect, no far from it, but I do think I am a responsible pet owner.  I did wonder why there were not add on fees for kids because I suspect that they can do as much damage as some dogs and there are many more of them that travel.

My dog is a house dog and yes he his allowed on the furniture (track dirt that is in his toes).   He barks at folks who walk by our car and when we are home barks at strangers who pull in the drive.   That is the downside.   The upside is he sleeps in a crate, and goes in there when we are away.   He is low to the ground and stands by the door to be dried off and paws cleaned when it is damp out.   He doesn’t bark when left home alone in the crate.   That is the upside.

Having never traveled with a dog before I spent some dough decking him out to make traveling with him easier.   The first thing I got him was a travel crate.   I had planned to collapse his home crate and take it along until I saw the travel crate, then I knew he did not care but I had to have one for this week on the road. It was lots like the collapsing lawn chairs with the bags you sling over your shoulder.  Of course we put his wool blanket from home in it. What was so interesting is that in the evening our dog heads to his crate long before we head to bed and with this one we found the same to be true when we were on the road.  He quickly figured out it was his safe place just like home.  It was a safe consistent place that he knew, no matter if it was a hotel on the road for a night or a house for the week.   Thousands of people will argue against crates and I will continue to argue that it is like a den that canine in the wild seek out.   You are feeding your domestic dog’s wild side.

It folds up like lawn chairs and works great if your dog is used to being crated. If your dog hasn’t already been trained to be in a crate I am sure they would rip their way out in 10 minutes tops.

I also decked myself out with a poop gather for walks since I did not do it at home since he had nearly 25 acres and he choose to do it out of what would be considered the lawn here at home.  One of the advantages of having a country dog. My contraption hooked on the dog leash, dispensed bags and even had a pouch to hold the full nasty until I got to a place to throw them out.    Nothing I hate worse than seeing dog poo that has not been picked up.    (Now you understand my blog title).   I know my dog his healthy and even though picking up dog poo is not my idea of a nice time, I know he is vaccinated, healthy and does not have worms or other intestinal nasties.   I can’t same the same for anyone who is so ignorant they don’t think that they have to pick up after their dog.   If they are that stupid about that simple responsibility, who knows how much more stupid they are about responsibilities that cost money like veterinary care. I was absolutely flabbergasted that the hotel and other places furnished bags and special waste cans and still people were so stupid and lazy as to not pick up after they dogs.   RangerSir was sure I was going to get decked each time a dog owner would walk away from a pile and I would call after them and say hey there are bags there pick up after your dog.    Stupid, lazy dog owners allowed their dogs to poop everywhere and I suddenly knew why the fees…at least most children are potty trained.   Children must toilet train themselves , because obviously if they had to depend on their parents many would never learn if devoted dog owners are any indication.

Now how stupid or lazy can you be? I sure found out on this trip.

It worked out well taking the dog along.   He went with us many times and stayed home in his crate when we didn’t want to take him along, no different than home.    We included him on the daily walks on the beach and we left him home when we explored towns.   He spent his day sitting between the seats watching where we were going in the rig.   When he got tired of that he would curl up and sleep until we got to our  destination. It was a vacation for him and us.   I would repeat taking a dog a long, it worked great for us, but was an eye opener as well.


Responsible Dog Owners

Sleeping he looks perfect, but he is a terrier at heart.

Our seven-year-old dog after living in our home for two years has discovered some long buried terrible terrier traits.   He suddenly wants to chase cars, and has decided to nip at feet.   We are working hard to break him of these  new found behaviors.  He spends more time on leash.  We have been working on reinforcing  voice commands of sit and stay.   We watch him trying to anticipate and stop him before the one mindedness of a terrier kicks in and he behaves badly.  We want to help him modify his behavior to  make him a better “citizen dog.”  We are hard at work to be responsible for our dog and his behavior.  It isn’t always convenient and easy to responsible, but long-term it is worth it.  Ultimately he will learn to stop these behaviors, but between now and them I need to be there each time and stop from happening.

Dog owner’s who are not responsible drive me crazy.  Most of the time when dogs behave badly I grumble in my mind about them the same way I grumble about children who behave badly.  You have them teach them how to be good public citizens, they are your dogs or children, not mine.   They and you by virtue of your lack of control are ruining my time.   Occasionally dog owners move beyond that, when their dogs behave so badly I fear what will happen if they actually get beyond whatever small border between them and me, usually a chain or fence.

On my walking route there is one of those dogs that I worry about what happens when he finally comes through the fence.  The owners have lost a previous dog that was killed when he came out and chased one too many vehicles and caught the truck.   Yet they don’t come out and work with their new dog when he comes running out hackles up when anything car, truck or person walks down the road.   When they first got the new dog they came out on stood on the back step and yelled across the yard at the dog.   The dog did not listen, and they have long since given up and no longer come out to holler at their dog.  It was too much trouble and he wasn’t leaving their yard so they gave up.  Now the dog has discovered how to get out of the yard and into their pasture.     What keeps this dog from me when walking is now only a few strands of barbed wire.  He is still in their yard but just barely.  They see nothing wrong with this because he is still in their yard, and yes they are technically correct.  On the other hand they are one step away from another disaster, and they could prevent it by being a responsible dog owner.