A New One – Mustard Greens

This weeks Bountiful Basket includes Mustard Greens.   It is another one of the those things I would never in a millon years throw in my shopping cart.   I am too stingy with my grocery dollar.   Now that sense of thriftiness has caused me to figure out ways to use it because it is not going to go directly too the chickens.

I have done some reading and it is suppose to one of those greens that is great for lowering/keeping cholesterol in check.  A good reason to at least figure out how to incorporate some of it into my diet for the next week.

Here are some ideas for using up or experimenting with mustard greens.

Salads  All greens chopped can be included in toss salad.  Some like the robust Tuscany Kale of my last basket need to be finely chopped but it worked out just great as a way to work more of it into my diet.  It keeps your salads from being too much of bland “traditional” salad greens

Mashed potatoes I will chop up a small handful of any greens and include them when cooking potatoes to mash.   When and how much I throw in the greens depends on how they cook up.   Some I chop fine and throw in at the last minute others can go in near the beginning.   Greens generally have a “strong” taste and I don’t want them to overpower my mash potatoes,  but they have turned out to be a perfect dish to incorporate some healthy green veggies into.  My family now almost expects there to be green flecks in mashers.

Here is one of my favorite ways to cook greens and I will be trying this with mustard greens this week.


  • 1 clove garlic cut in half
  • oil  depending on the style I going for I will use either an olive oil or bacon grease if I am going for that southern take on it all.
  • onions – chopped small
  • pepper, green, red, chili, jalapeno, Anaheim, your choice.  chopped
  • greens – your choice,   I prefer my destemed/deveined
  • Cheese – optional


  1. Press the cut side of the garlic around the pan you intend to cook in.   You want to give the hint of garlic but not over power your dish.
  2. Add oil to thinly coat the bottom of your saute pan.
  3. Add onion and your choice of pepper.   Saute until the edges of the onion pieces start to become translucent
  4. Add greens and cook until wilted but not until them become a limp, soggy mess.
  5. Plate and top with cheese of your choice.   I usually pick a milder cheese to complement the peppers I have chosen.   Some ideas include:
    1. queso fresco to take the edge off of  the hotness of Jalapeno
    2. Parmesan  to give it more an Italian flair.
    3. Feta – use sparingly if your greens have a stronger flavor or it could be come a clash of two strong flavors gone wild
    4. Mozzarella – top with graded cheese and few fresh diced tomato