A Gift of Love done

amber-doneI have finished the baby quilt I made.    I had lots of fun doing it, and sharing the progress with all of you.    It was a project of love.   I have now given it away to be used by a little baby girl  who will be here soon in the loving arms of her father, mother and big brother.

It was lots of fun to get back in quilting.   Now I am wondering if I can find more time to sew and quilt.   I have plenty of fabric to do so.

Quilting Done

2013-11-01 quilt 001Tonight I finished the quilting on the baby quilt I have been working on.   I am pleased with it. It is just the right combination of curves and straight lines.

I have trimmed and squared it up.

Now I have to finish attaching the binding.   I have sewn on the binding  to the front.   I will be spending this weekend folding it over to the back side and sewing this down by hand.   Won’t be long now and I will have a finished baby quilt to share with you.

Making the Back Look Good


I have finished quilting the planned areas of my baby quilt.    I did some diagonal lines on the edges and some stippling in the main body.   It went pretty well, but my time away from quilting showed and my stippling isn’t up to what was at one time my standard.  When you quilt breathing is as important as when you exercise.   I found myself holding my breath it caused some of my movements not to be as smooth as I would have liked.

Now is the time to turn the quilt over and decided if I need to add some more to make the back as nice as the front.   Normally one does not worry too much about this but when you use a pink/fustian/yellow colored thread on a white on white backing you artistic choices are out there for everyone to see.    I have decided a little outlined quilting on the sashing between the rows of blocks that have been stippled quilt will create a unified look.    It will put a little straight line in the middle of the quilt creating balance of curve and linear design.

Keep watch for the back side.

When I Quilt It is Like Coloring Outside the Lines

Quilt2I finished my quilt top late yesterday.    It was a wonderfully relaxing experience.  No thinking about if the pattern was well written or incorporated all the time saving techniques that I would want to incorporate into the construction. I had done this pattern so many times before it was full of my handwritten notes about how to incorporate  the techniques that made construction go faster.   In just hours the top came together.    Almost instant gratification, a plus for me.

Next I was going to baste my layers.   I quickly found that my collection of batting did not include a baby/crib sized bat.   As much as I hate to run to town for just one thing, a baby shower invitation had come in the mail yesterday so postponing the trip until I had a multi-store list was not an option.

Once I had the layers all basted with my curved safety pins it was time for the part I call coloring outside the lines….quilting.   There are all sorts of rules, most of them made to be broken.   Actual quilting  is sort of like music it can be classic and subtle like white on white feathers, or it can be like kick-ass rock-n-roll with bright colors and jagged edges that should not work but do.

I spent some time with my sewing machine getting the thread I want to used all set up.   Then I did some test runs adjusting my tension to get that perfectly even stitch.   Then knowing it was late and my best quilting never comes when I am weary, I turned off the power for the night.

Knowing it has been years since I have done this I needed to let it perk and see what comes to mind for the quilting pattern on this baby quilt.   I already know I am working in a variegated pink-yellow-fuchsia thread on white fabric. I know my mistakes will be glaring to me if no one else.   I am thinking about the oxymoron of doing feathers, or maybe taking the easy way out and stippling.   I am in love with gridwork, should I plan and lay that one out or keep it simple.    Echo quilting can be some what of a hybrid of gridwork and stippling maybe that is the right approach for this quilt.

Hours later I am not sure how I plan to quilt this project.    This blog is postponing the inevitable.   Time to stop that, because the deadline has been set by that darn invitation.

Time to Get on the Stick and Quilt

quiltI have made what seems to me  like zillions of baby quilts over the years.    All my contemporaries and even their children are  done with little ones.      I have not made  a baby quilt for years.

A business associate found out this spring that she was unexpectedly expecting another second child.    I was by accident one of the first people she told via text, picking the wrong Diana in her contacts to break the news too.   I knew at that time I was going to be making another baby quilt.   This little one was a blessing this family had wanted and thought was not going to happen.

This baby quilt  has sat on the back burner for months and now is the time to get on the stick and get it done.   I have found my favorite baby quilt pattern with notes written all over it, pulled out my stand-by baby quilt fabrics, got my ruler and cutter ready, and oiled my sewing machine.   Daylight is burning and I have to put the pedal to the metal.