Close the Door…Gate

Simple barbed wire gate Last Sunday when we came home there were cattle in an area they are not normally found in.   They were all over the railroad tracks, the right-of-way and even milling around the local grain elevator.

We live in open range country which means if you don’t want cattle you fence them out.   The railroad puts up fences and cattle guards to keep cattle off the tracks.   It turns out that someone came up the tracks to spray for weeds and thought they would only be an hour or so so left the gate open.   When they went to leave the cattle were in, and he did not know how to get them out so left the gate open assuming they would leave.  What this meant is the rancher had to come down and herd the cattle back out and close the gate.   Other than being a pain in the but nothing bad happened.   No cattle were lost.

My mom always hollered after us kids to close the door.  The same is true for any gate you come upon when you go out into the country to ride horses, bicycle, ATVs, or hike.   If you found it open, leave it open.    If you found it closed, close it immediately after you go through.   Not later when you return, but now.   You are a guest at best, trespassing at worst.   You don’t don’t know why the gate was as you found it but there is a reason for it.