Puppies, Kittens & Baby Animals

It seems everyone loves baby animals, but me. For some strange reason I am not attracted to that bundle of potential waiting to be molded.  I have a dear friend who is a volunteer at a local animal rescue organization and she has told me about how many folks call wanting puppies and kittens. This mystifies me, after all they are only babies for 9 months, a year at most. Will these people still be enamored with their pet when it is no longer cute? Is the loss of the cute factor why so many dogs and cats end up in shelters?

Our dog of many years recently passed away. We went for awhile without a dog, but after so much quiet we decided it was time to find another dog for our home. The one thing we knew for sure it wasn’t going to be a puppy. We didn’t know exactly what we wanted, but knew it needed to be on the small/medium size, wanted to live inside, not too much energy, came housebroken and preferably crate trained.

We spend weeks looking daily on  http://www.petfinder.com checking out dogs. In reading the animal’s stories and we soon knew what we were looking for a dog who once had a family. The changing economic tide, kids leaving for college, elderly owner going to a nursing home, a divorce and so many other stories tugged at my heart-strings. These dogs were all loved, but circumstances took them to the shelter.

Cairn Terrier

Harley, Our Rescue Dog

We ended up adopting a 5-year-old dog.  He came with a name I would not have picked out, a little smaller than we were looking for, but no dog is perfect.  Our new dog is Harley, a Cairn Terrier.   Even though he spent a couple of weeks in a shelter  not being able to go outside every time he needed to, he is perfectly housebroken.  When we leave the house or it is bedtime he goes to the crate and doesn’t make a peep.  He came knowing his basic commands and is quickly learning those commands unique to us: wait, be kind and mine.    He is anxious to please.  He has bonded with us and follows everywhere. After having him a couple of weeks I can tell you he is a great family match and he has found a forever home with us.

If you are ready for a new animal in your family.  I urge you to adopt a rescue animal.  Take your time and get the right dog or cat for you.  You can’t adopt them all.   You can’t solve the unwanted pet problem alone.  Rushing and adopting the wrong pet does nothing for you or the animal.  Know what qualities you want, and which of them are negotiable.   That said you can find a pet that will work in your home and family.  Patience, in waiting for the right animal for you is the key.   It will happen when it is right.  It did for us, it can for you.