Where were you?

Fourty-five years ago today was the historic moment when man first stepped on the moon.   I was a young girl and not in to all that space stuff, like my husband was, yet I can remember that day. It was a defining moment in history of what we could do if we set our minds to it.

July 20, 1969 Man on the moon.

I was at the cabin on Pike Bay in northern Minnesota.   It was a cabin like so many at that time, without running water or telephone.   I had been there many times and would be there many more, yet this was the only time that we ever had a TV at the cabin.   The portable television with tinfoil on the rabbit ears sat next to the Victrola.  Granny, Uncle Phil and I sat on three hardback kitchen chairs around the snow screen watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon as a Super8 movie camera on a tripod captured it all.

Space travel was real and walking on the moon seemed possible, but until it happened it was just a wee be incredulous.   Suddenly it was real, it had happened and I had seen it.   We, the US of A,  had done it.   As a family full of military men it was a moment of great pride because we had done it first.  We had won the space race ahead of the Russian, in the midst of the Cold War.

It was an amazing time and I got to experience it.

Life Balance

Each year my employer, a non-profit, each year hosts an educational conference.    There are only two employees and though we have many volunteers this conference takes over my life in the weeks leading up to and the week of the conference.   I work long days  getting all the pieces in place that fall in my responsibility.  All cooking, laundry, cleaning at home is delegated to my husband.   I left home on Sunday for the conference and got back Friday afternoon.     I came home with tons of work and follow-ups that need to be done, and yet it is time to get my life back in balance.  Work can not be all consuming.

My first step in this was to “dump” all my work from my portable office set up at the conference in to my home office unopened, unsorted, just as is.  It is piled on the floor, on top of the desk and stashed on chairs.    I did not turn on my office desktop pc, pick up my email nor phone calls.   For those who know how organized and how I plan out my days, know that this is monumental.   But forcing myself to take the weekend and the holiday Monday off is a great way to break the chain, and work towards a normal life again.

In these days of worrying about so much, being constantly plugged in it is great to use our weekends to get away from it all and break the cycle.   It will be there when you return.   Find balance.   Enjoy life.

Pretty Bird

One of my 2 SLW

I have to admit that pretty is one of the criteria for my hens.   I want them to be good egg layers, but refuse to sacrifice beauty for the standard hybrid chicken developed for production egg laying.  Over the years I have had so many different breeds.  Some I would like to have again, but there are also many  breeds I want that I haven’t yet had.  I would have lots more chickens as I am always looking at other pretty breeds and planning how they might fit into collection of hens.  As I cull out older ones, I am planning on how to replace them.   I am watching this year’s ladies for their first egg.  They are 19 going on 20 weeks old and they should be laying their first eggs any day now.   I wonder how they will stack up.  Will they be a breed to go down as a favorite or will they be a one time wonder?

To Do List – Life’s Goals – Bucket List – Life List – Things To Do Before You Check Out.

No matter what you call it we all have one.  Some of us have written it down and look at it often.  Others wrote it down when they graduated from High School or College and never looked at it again.   Maybe you created it in a class or a seminar.  Maybe that list exists on in your head.

I call it a life list.  I don’t really look at it much, but I think about it, at strange inopportune moments.    I recently re-evaluated mine.   There were things on the list that short of winning the lottery, just were not how I wanted to spend my money.   I took those off my list…going to Ireland…having an island vacation staying in a cabin that the tides came under.   If I wasn’t going to do it, or  if I did the whole time I was spending the money I would think about what I could have done with the money other ways, those things really were not my life goals.

That may sound like a disappointment to remove items from the list undone, but it was liberating.  I know the things on my list are important to me.   They are things that I control.    Look at your list and make sure that the things on it are important to you.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller

Too often we live life safely, and don’t take enough risks.   Some of us as we get older take fewer risks and others of us take more risks.

I have taken some pretty serious risks in my life.  Moving to Minneapolis at 18, quitting a good corporate job at the height of my career to follow my husband’s new job, marrying my husband are some of the majors.

I don’t advocate taking big risks to often, but maybe we should be taking a few more low value risks more often.  Take a class you have thought about.    Have lunch with some one you want to get to know.  Become a volunteer on a board, for an organization or an event.  Doing something you are uncomfortable with, afraid you might fail or never tried before, all of those are risks….adventures.

I hope I am living a daring adventure.   May you be also be an adventurer.

Joys of Reading

One of my great joys is curling up with a book.    When I was a child every adult around me was a reader.  Some were newspaper readers, some were magazine readers and others book readers.  My elementary school teachers encouraged reading.  I learned to read all kinds of things from them.   I did not always enjoy them all equally but did learn to appreciate them for their differences.

One of my best childhood reading places was the closet at my grandparents. In this special closet was a wonderful collection of old books that were from my father and uncle’s childhood.  They were many different genres and many different reading levels.  There were some “fables” that are no longer published because they would no longer be considered socially acceptable.  There were also some great pop-up books the details that are no longer produced.

Another set of grandparents attended auctions.  One of the things that they ended up with were books.   They had a vast collection out in the Sun Parlor.  I can remember going out there and getting the books to take home and read, almost like going to the library.

Though we had no extra money at our house, I can remember going to the visiting book fair and getting to buy a book.  I got three books this way. Getting to buy new books was a great event for me.  I treated these books with reverence and they were almost like new though I had read them many times, when I gave them to my niece years later.

Books are a friend that is always there, and can take you on great adventures.  Thanks to all the adult in my childhood who introduced me to books.

There Is No Place Like Home!

Do we become more of a homebody with age?  I am not sure about others, but I think it is true for me.

I was on the road for most of the week with my job. Not long when you think I used to travel for a week or two often in the past for work.  But this time I found myself glad to be home, in spite of the fact I have a full suitcase of laundry, I have zillion emails I must deal with and now have to plan and make all my meals.

Almost immediately when I got home, I checked on the animals, topped off water and feed bowls.  It wasn’t that John didn’t do all that while I was gone but it was the comfort of the routines of home.  This morning I found myself watching the moon set behind the mountains in the West before the first light of day came up in the East. I am not sure I more of a homebody, but I am sure I do enjoy my life at home.