Some People Spoil It For Everyone

On our trip across the US we had many plans to visit many National Parks. Most were out of curiosity because we had never been there before. There were a few parks that held special places in our heart and we had specific goals for that park. This plan turned out to be a bust and we ended up not visiting National Parks on this trip.

I love to get off the tourist track when visiting National Parks. I like to get out of our car and hike some trails. I really wanted to see sunrise and sunset at Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota on this trip. I had made big plans. It was something that was on my bucket list it was that important to me.

One of my favorite, under used and under rated National Parks.

Unfortunately we were traveling with a dog this time. I had never traveled with a dog before and did not realize the restrictions on dogs in National Parks. Dogs were only welcome to do auto tours or be in your campsite with you. Dog owners before me apparently were either crummy owners in dog discipline or delinquent stewards of the land because for the most part dogs are not allowed on trails in National Parks. I suspect this comes from dogs being off leash or appearing to be aggressive to people or wildlife. I also suspect that many owners have not picked up after their dog.

It sure put a big crimp in our plans It was too warm to leave Zip in the car. It meant we either had to tag team or someone had to miss out. In the end we bagged it and marked it up to something that was not supposed to happen this trip. I am not sure that we will get that way again, but if so we will likely try to do sans dog to get an opportunity to be more than a drive by tourist.

7 comments on “Some People Spoil It For Everyone

  1. Sorry you were not able to visit Teddy Roosevelt National Park. For years I had passed the park on my trips through North Dakota but never had time to stop. Then one year a friend and I allowed a couple extra days to stop and spent a wonderful 3 days camping and hiking in this uncrowded park. The highlight was seeing a band of wild horses near the river by our campsite one evening.

  2. Oh Diana, I had not thought of that either! And Zip is too big to be carried in a backpack so his little feet do not touch the ground. I know how forward you were looking to those special places you wanted to see. What a bummer! You still sometime may want to take a trip though, don’t just write it off! You and John are healthy people who have a lot of life left to live!! That is what retirement is for!

  3. Next time sounds like a plan…. In this year of firsts you never know what opportunities may show up!
    Glad you are arting and blogging . Unpacking even the little you took should feel great!

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