Retirement is in Many Ways More of the Same

Sorry I missed last week. I was under the weather. RangerSir and I hunkered down at home and worked our way through the nasty crude making its way throughout southwest Montana.  It was while we were laying low that we were reminded that retirement is in many ways just like life was before retirement.


When you are under the weather there is nothing like chicken soup.   We love homemade best.

One of the things that I think people about retirement is that this is some imaginary transformation that takes place in life.   You wake up and your life is different in so many amazing ways.  That somehow you are a different person in a different life.   You are the same person you were the day before you retired.  Actually, it is like your pre-retirement life than you’d imagine.  Life doesn’t change much when you retire.

In retirement you still have to grocery shop, do laundry, pay the bills, walk the dog, cook dinner,  and other tasks that keep your household running.   Yes, you suddenly have time to meet friends for a game of racquetball at 10 in the morning three times a week, rather just one night after work.  If you did not like to exercise before retirement, you will not likely change your mind just because you are no longer required to show up at work.   You might have time to try a class in yoga or tai-chi.   You will find time to try new things and discover some you like and some you don’t.  If you were not a reader before retirement, you won’t likely become one after.  There are exceptions to everything, but I don’t think your likes and dislikes change too much.   The choices you have for your free time open up.   The excuses you have recited for years suddenly are not bound by lack of time so things can change.  You can add some new things to your life, but many of the old things still will need your attention.

Retirement is full of opportunities if you allow yourself to explore them, but your old life and all that goes with it will still need your attention.   Enjoy the new, and continue to embrace your old life, because it is what got you to this destination.

4 comments on “Retirement is in Many Ways More of the Same

  1. All so true. It does help to have some activities you enjoy doing before you retire. Too many people have no hobbies or interests and then they’re trying to figure it out later, but it’s also good to find new interests. And you don’t even have to do everything together. Sounds like retirement is working for you two. Hope you’re feeling better.

    • I have a very full day of things that make me smile…creative outlets and friends. RangerSir is doing lots of exploring as he just retired and spent so much time at work he did not get much of a chance or make time to explore, so it is all starting now.

      I so agree with you about not doing everything together. I love it when he leaves for the club and I am left home alone to my own devices.

  2. It seems that the people who most enjoy retirement are those who stay active, have a good social network and have many activities they are passionate about. Sounds like you and RangerSir meet all of those. Best wishes for a happy and long retirement!

  3. Now things may get into a routine…the crud is mostly gone , winter should be thinking about spring and days will be getting longer! Play time will sound good and there’s 44or so weeks left to plan on paper!! I’m liking this for both of you!

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