Joy of Cooking

In 2017 it was reported that for the first time Americans spent more money eating out that at home.  I am not sure if that means they also eat more meals out or not since dining out can be more expensive.  Surveys report that we also eat more meals today somewhere other than at a dinner table than ever before, be it a plate on our lap in front of the TV, or on a breakfast bar reading our emails.  I get it because when I worked the corporate life we too ate out or picked up carry out often because it was easier than getting home late and making something to eat.  I enjoyed cooking but it was restricted to free time, mostly weekends that I tried to pack everything else into as well.   Now that I am retired I find myself discovering once again the joy of cooking.



I love to use the chef’s knife and chop.   It is one of those things I find relaxing.


I am experimenting with new and old recipes.  I am pulling cards out of the recipe box my grandma wrote for me in her handwriting all those years ago. I am looking at my collection of cookbooks and browsing them for something new to make.   Of course, we can not exclude the recipe apps and Google.   Some of what I am cooking is Midwestern comfort food, some dishes reflect the different places we have lived, other meals are ethnic foods from around the world,  some dishes are healthy, other times what I make is just for special occasion splurging,  some are fully from scratch and sometimes it will be a store box or can that I doctor up.

I invite you along on this journey as I share some of what I make.  Sometimes it will be a recipe, other times just a photo of the dish, or the dinner table.   I hope you enjoy and are inspired.



I like to measure out everything now, as a way to make sure I have all the ingredients before I start.   I did not do that before, but now I am not likely to drop everything and run to town to the grocery to get a missing ingredient so has become an important step




7 comments on “Joy of Cooking

  1. Cooking is actually fun and rewarding when family members love and enjoy eating.These days I have also started collection of my receipe on wordpress. Let’s enjoy the journey.,👍

  2. We eat out very rarely these days,but honestly never did do it very much. I enjoy cooking from my cellar and freezer and the challenge of growing and preserving our own food. Nice to find your blog!

  3. As someone who eats out a lot, I can say that a good home-cooked meal is almost always better than anything you can get at a restaurant and usually healthier too. Certainly cheaper. Sadly, I see many people where I work that just grab lunch at a fast food restaurant almost every day.

  4. Enjoy your free time cooking. I have a recipe box from my grandma, too. Cooking and eating at home can be so much more rewarding than eating out. I have to admit I have stopped ordering certain dishes at restaurants that I make well at home. I hope you find a nice balance between cooking and eating out!

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