Joy of Holiday Cards

Today I spent the day making holiday cards to mail.    I stamped and painted all my holiday cards and then stamped my envelopes as well.   I thoroughly enjoyed the process though most would say I was nuts to make something handmade that will likely end up in the trash after the holiday season.   But it okay for me.  I enjoyed thinking about the people I knew we were sending them to.


I love to get holiday cards and yes the infamous Christmas letters.   I love to hear from friends and families we have known for years and life has altered our course such that we are no longer living close by.   I  read them when they arrive and again once the holiday is over.   I think about the people who sent them and how our paths crossed.  I love to catch up if only once a year.   I love to see the pictures that folks share and how they have changed. .   I love it all because they took time to “say hi.”

It used to be that many more folks sent holiday cards. Folks drop you an email and that seems to be where we are going.   I know it is expensive to purchase cards and the cost of postage is nothing to sneeze at.   I know people’s time is often more precious than the  money, so spending an evening or Sunday  doing cards is hard for some folks to justify.     All of these are some of the many  reasons why the tradition is fading away.

In this hurry up, always on, electronic age it is fun to get a piece of happy mail on a cold snowy night and remember the people in your life.   Thanks to everyone who send me a card, photo or letter this year.   To everyone that I sent to I hope you enjoy.

6 comments on “Joy of Holiday Cards

  1. I’m sure that your card was much appreciated by everyone that received it. It’s so rare that I get an actual letter some someone that it’s a real joy to me when I find one in my mailbox with the bills and junk mail.

  2. I just got into card making this past year and I enjoy it so much! I don’t think much about what my recipients do with my card after I give it, the process is fun and rewarding in itself.

  3. How fun that you make your own cards! My husband and I just mailed our photo card and newsletter out. Every year he creates a photo collage of events, making sure to include everyone, while I write a brief summary of what the year held for each of us- highlights and other notable memories. Then we handwrite a personal note at the bottom, relevant to the sendee, attach stamps, address them by hand and carry them out to the mailbox. As you remarked, it can be time consuming, but it is a worthwhile effort to stay in touch with old friends. Enjoy reading the incoming ones!

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