Returning After Much Reflection

I have taken a break now and then from my blog but never like this one. Never before for months, but I felt that this one was essential.   I have always been politically active.  I have always enjoyed discussion with others who do not share my point of view,  trying to see how they get to the place they arrive.    I have always believed  that respectful discussion makes both myself and the other person more pragmatic,  more empathetic, more compassionate and not so narrow minded.   Unfortunately this time around it did not seem possible.

I lost social friends this election cycle because I did not support their candidate.   When they asked and I felt comfortable sharing, because we had in the past, I was chastised for my choice.  Screw my reasoning for my point of view. Who cared if I did research based on what the candidates said, and drew my own conclusions instead of repeating things just because I read or heard them.    Promises were made by candidates  and many others rang empty and false to me.  People said  we read it on the internet or hear it on the news it must be true.  I was of the era of “question authority” and would go back and try to figure out fact a fiction, even when it seemed near impossible to do so.    People were called names and things were said about them, but we were not willing to really go ferret out the truth that is at our fingertips now with the internet  to get to real information, not what he said or she said, but real truths. It was disheartening to me to loose friends and feel like there was almost no truth this time in what was being said. I was saddened by the lack of civility not just by candidates but so much of our citizenry.

I also felt strongly that each of us are given a very special personal right to vote, based on our beliefs, our life experiences, where we are in the continuum of life, economics and family situation.    It is yours right to vote as you see fit, not be be persuaded by me to vote the way I am, because how you got to your candidate was a different path than I had taken.   It was not my right to try and attempt to influence you no matter how much I wanted to.   That is why each of us have a vote, to voice our beliefs. It is the way our democracy works.

Once the election was over, and the system had worked as it was designed we had a new president.  I had a lot to think about, I even thought about stating a new blog to chronicle the next four years.   In the end I decided against it, because if I did so, I wanted it to be fact based and I learned preparing for this election fact checking takes lots and lots of time.   In the end I would either be preaching to the choir or getting hate mail.   It just did not seem like I how I wanted to spend my  free time.

Now we all watch the next four years to see what happens, and then we deal with what does because that is what we do.   I go back to blogging about everyday things.   I share  the thoughts of someone who lives in Montana as she looks out the window.  I am glad to be back.   I missed you all.

By Diana @ Looking Out the Window Posted in Odds & Ends

6 comments on “Returning After Much Reflection

  1. A very thoughtful and honest post! I have a co-worker that supports politicians that I do not and has opinions on many subjects that I do not agree with. But I am willing to have a discussion with him because he does extensive research then calmly states his case using facts to support his claims. Unfortunately, in a time of “fake news” and little or no fact-checking, people like this seem to be harder to find.

  2. Sometimes it is just too hard to write about things you are passionate about in an objective way. Or you are still too emotionally close to the issue. I too was shocked by the outcome of this election, but I have faith in the balance of power and that it will all work out.
    Welcome back!

  3. Hi Diana, It’s good to hear from you again. Politics is (are?) a dirty business. The older I get the more I realize how naïve I am about politics. But I do still believe that there is some good in either moderate or liberal but too far either right or left is dangerous ground! From my jaundiced point of view anything left of center is too far left, and moderate right is also too far left….but that’s just me. It’ll be nice hearing from you again! Have a good day!!

  4. It was an interesting election…even from up north of you here and I. too, lost friends with my opinions even if I willingly listen to theirs but I guess that is our right….to have our own opinion. There are places in the world that don’t allow that freedom.

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