When you buy chicks, most folks buy them sexed, for a whole host of reasons.   Many folks can not have roosters in the city.   Even if you can have roosters, too many are problems because of too much testosterone.I have heard many a story of a nice or good rooster.   The only roosters I have had have been hard on the hens, and wanting to attack us and our dog. I would prefer not to have the hassle of roosters.      For this reason I generally buy sexed, female chicks.   Sexing is somewhere between 80-90% accurate.   Even in the best case scenario you will sooner or later get a rooster or two.   This year the jury is not in but we think we got two out of six.

So if getting  a couple of roosters was not a big enough surprise, I also got an unexpected breed.   Instead of getting two Blue Laced Red Wyandottes we got two Blue Andalusian.  That was the bigger surprise.   I had never seen or heard of them before.   I picked up my chicks when the regular chick lady was gone at the ranch supply.   I thought the blue  chicks they packaged up weren’t right. Wyandottes have a tendency to be mottled or chipmunk marked.   My blue chicks were solid blue.   Because the RLRW are somewhat rare, I did not question the staff, but assumed that my limited experience with these breed was the reason for the difference.   The store was a couple of hours from the house, so at that point what was I to do, it was what it was.


This is the male.   He is a handsome fella, though they sport a single comb, something I stay away from due to the harsh climate here. So far he is a pretty pleasant fella.   I’d like to hold on to him for awhile and see how he turns out.



Here is the female.   She was a lot more cooperative when trying to photograph her.  They are eight weeks old right now.   They are a pretty amazing blue color.   What a fun surprise.

Living In A New World

I have taken breaks from here before, but never taken this much time off from writing in my blog.    Lots has been happening  and changing in my world,   All those changes have also required many  adjustments to my life  as well.  I think I have adjusted, settled in, and found some new rhythm of life. Once again my life  includes writing here which I have missed.


I am back working in a corporate environment and I am not sure if it is a flashback or a leap forward into a whole new world.    For sure it is different than the world I have been living in the last ten years.  I recently accepted a contract project job that requires me to appear in dress type work clothes at 8am at their place of business.   Millions of people do this each day, in fact I did for years myself, but the last ten years or so I have been working more or less without having to report in like this.  All my jobs have allowed me to work either at alone at  home or alone in the field.   There was almost no one to interact with “at work”, because my bosses were people I occasionally touched based with on the phone and once in a greater while met up with to “sync up” with.   Reporting in to an office building and a boss who is just down the hall is a big change, that not only changed my daily work routine, but also  has been full of personal lifestyle adjustments. I am still making some of those adjustments, but I have also settled into enough of a pattern that  I am starting to find where things fit into my new life, that includes stopping by here and blogging.

By Diana who is Playing Without Limits. Posted in Odds & Ends