Not Having Real TV, Not So Bad.


We don’t have any over the air, cable or satellite TV. What this means is the only  TV we get, is what we choose to stream.   It is our normal and we don’t think much about it.   If we want TV we have to pick something.  We don’t turn it on for background noise, because you still have to pick something that will run continuously.  Nor do we have the option of turning it on and flipping through the stations and looking for the best of what is on. I can’t remember how long it has been this way but it is years for us.  It works for us.

RangerSir recently had to go to a training for several days out of town.   He was a location that had “real” TV.   Of the two of us, he is the one who enjoys TV the most and so was looking forward to seeing what we were missing.    He came home so glad we had choose no live broadcast  TV.   He talked about all the primary ads, how many there were, the kinds of material they presented, the tone of politics,  and how little real information they gave.

We are not living in a vacuum or so far off line that we are out of touch.  We know what is going on out there, because we do watch news, debates and more.   We have read up and researched on the candidates positions and history. We watch and read about the world and what is happening and how it impacts people  and countries around the world.    Maybe during an election cycle, this is one of those times where not having regular TV is not so bad. It forces me to be fully informed and think about what I think we need to do, not what some one tells me needs to be done, with half-truths and twisted facts.

7 comments on “Not Having Real TV, Not So Bad.

  1. Hopefully more people will pull the plug on cable or satellite when they realize that there are options to $100/mo. bills and 500 channels with nothing to watch. I live in a metro area and get 20+ over-the-air channels with my “rabbit ears” and while there are some good shows to watch (mostly on PBS), they are few and far between.

  2. We got rid of our tv almost two years ago with no regrets! When I do get the opportunity to watch regular tv again, I can usually only stand about a half an hour or so until the commercials and news blasts drive me crazy.

  3. We got rid of tv a few years ago and got Netflix and Amazon prime. We pay less and we get to watch what we want. When I do get to watch regular tv, I’m very disappointed with what is on and the kind of shows that now air. I too and very happy we don’t have tv anymore. (Only thing I miss is sports)

  4. We don’t have a TV either, haven’t had one for years and I can;t say that I miss it. We have a computer and if there is something we really want to watch we stream it online. Like you, it keeps up from having the TV on just as background noise — my parents do that and it drives me nuts — and it takes effort to watch something so it isn’t a mindless default thing. There are too many other things to do besides watch TV! 🙂

  5. Trust me, you are not missing much. Too many bad reality shows, talk shows and ugly political ads these days. We have hundreds of channels and rarely anything good to watch- at least without tons of commercials. One of these days i would like to cut back to something more like what I had growing up- about 5 channels with family friendly content.

  6. We have satellite tv…but I record what I want to watch for the very same reason…and I don’t record all that much…the husband (who has his own tv…yes, spoiled)….watches two or three hockey or baseball games at once to avoid the commercials and such😋

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