The Smell of Laundry on the Line

Either you  love clothes on the line or you don’t.   The most common reason I have heard  for not liking clothes on the line is they are not drier fluffy.  On the opposite side of the argument is that no one has managed to actually capture the smell of sunshine and outdoors that you can only get with clothes hung on the line in any of those bottled smells for laundry soap or drier sheets.   I fall into the camp that the smell of line-dried clothes trumps everything else.


This week it was finally warm enough to put towels out on the line.   We always have a breeze and most the time have some serious wind so even though it wasn’t much above 40 my towels were soon dry. Though the first day of spring is till a couple weeks away and yes there is still snow on the frozen ground, I am not letting that stop me with celebrating a nice day with laundry on the line.

9 comments on “The Smell of Laundry on the Line

  1. I, too, love the smell of laundry dried on the line. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to enjoy it since I lived in Arizona (16 years ago!). In Wyoming, the wind blew so much dirt around, the laundry just got dirty. In North Carolina, it is so humid, nothing dries — and the bugs think it’s lovely to congregate there. Sigh.

  2. I only hang dry delicates and that is usually indoors without the fresh air benefits. I remember my grandmother hanging sheets and towels to dry on a pulley system, but I am more about efficiency than nostalgia, so most things go into the dryer at my house. Glad it is warm enough for you to use the line. Enjoy the fresh scent!

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