Little Too Early for Bears, Yet

We were out walking in the winter and came across this sign warning about bears.   It made me laugh a little bit because before I moved to Montana I wasn’t as aware of my surroundings as I  am here.    Anytime I am out I think about what wildlife I might encounter based on the time of year, where I am at and the ecosystem.   While it is early for bears to be out, I am wondering with the warm spell called for next week, what might change and could that early hungry bear be out there looking for an easy meal soon.


2 comments on “Little Too Early for Bears, Yet

  1. We live in Montana and it is a bit early for bears. Because the warm weather it may not be too long before you see them. I would not worry about them right now, its moose on the trail that I would worry about right now. Jim

  2. And yet people ignore those signs and risk their lives and that of the bears. Where I live in Michigan, there had not been any bear sightings in a very very long time, and yet last summer a young black bear was seen numerous times. He must have traveled down from the northern part of the state and was spotted at several backyard bird feeders and trash cans. He’s not been seen in a few months, so perhaps he either went back north or is hibernating. Be interesting to see if he surfaces again in the spring. It’s always best to give them a wide berth!

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