Cold to the Bones

Sometimes I just feel cold to the very core of my being.   I call that being cold the the bones.    I have been having a lot of that lately with lots of wind and subzero temperatures.  Our new dog has no undercoat and I suspect that he can vouch for the feeling of cold I am talking about.   He has recently taken up sleeping as close to the propane stove as he can get.


All I can think when I see that is lucky dog.  For a little while he has to be totally warm.

7 comments on “Cold to the Bones

  1. I’m sure he’s very thankful for that wonderful warmth. I have a Pomeranian who has so much fur she loves to sit outside in the cold and snow. I don’t let her out very long, but the only time I’ve seen the cold bother her was when we had the polar vortex two years ago. I wish I could tolerate the cold as well as she does! I’m hoping for an early spring.

  2. I too call the coldness I feel in winter, cold to the bone. As soon as it’s warm I sit in he sun and believe i can feel the thawing deep into the bones. That’s one lucky dog to have a stove to warm himself by.

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