Learning to Walk

When we first got Zip he hated to go on walks.   It gave me pause because I picked my little terrier because of their energy level and my desire for another walking partner.  I have blogged previously about his lack of outdoor experience and it turned out that this was part of the problem.   He really did not know how to walk.   When he walked his legs went every which way.   They did not move in conjunction with one another. He spent untold amounts of energy in forward momentum.

He has now learned how to walk.   He has found his rhythm.  Now he begs to go on multiple walks each day.   I have found my walk partner.

He wants to know why we have stopped.

He wants to know why we have stopped.

4 comments on “Learning to Walk

    • Just yesterday was we were walking with him RangerSir commented that he was unsure that he was going to ever get a walking rhythm. I had not known he had the same concerns I had had. We had never voiced it until I told him about my blog post.

  1. Yeah Zip! I love having my walking partners. Ebony, Cooper and my spouse. The former two beg me for walks upon my return from work. I appreciate the effort after a day at my desk when I just want to move. I hope Zip becomes your new walking buddy.

    • I am so thankful that he has found a gait to walk. When we started my walking app told me we were doing 33 minute half miles and I was definitely the pace setter. Yesterday we did 17 minute miles and Zip was leading the pack. Now we will see what wet cold weather will bring as it is predicted for next week.

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