Bear Country

There are many places in Montana that are bear country.   People have a tendency to think of bear country as the big woods, but in many cases is the open prairies that surround the woods. This summer I carried bear spray in my truck.   When I surveyed places where I felt that it was potential bear country, because signs told me or my gut said bears are possible here I strapped on my can of bear spray when I got out to do my surveys.

Not all likely bear places have signs like this.

Not all likely bear places have signs like this.

Only once this year did I feel uneasy about wild animals.   It was a place that was not really bear habitat, but mountain lion habitat.   They actually scare me more because they are so stealthy. I felt the whole time like I was being watched.    I got my business done and got out of there.   All the time singing any song I could think of or make up, making my body big and purposeful.

No matter where you go, no matter how short the time there if you are in bear country remember your bear spray.

5 comments on “Bear Country

  1. I know the feeling about being watched. I went hiking alone on a Sunday morning in Southern California in Mountain Lion Country. After an hour in or so I could not help feeling watched and I decided quickly that I should not be there by myself. Very disconcerting.

  2. We live in Montana and I carry bear spray and my wife carries a boat whistle. The whistle was recommended to us in Alaska, it makes such a loud noise that the bears are frightened away, Just another option and very easy to carry, plus you won’t point the bear spray in the wrong direction in a panic. Some people carry the bear bells and we call them the bear dinner bells.

    • Interesting I always carry a whistle with me bear country or not to call for help if something should happen. You can blow on a whistle a lot longer than call should you find yourself needing to do so. I had never heard that it could be a possible bear deterrent. I agree with you on the bear dinner bells comment. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.

  3. My son lives in Wyoming and carries his bear spray when hiking. But I still worry a lot. We saw a grizzly while we were there this summer, just nonchalantly crossing the road through Togwatee Pass. It was exciting, but people just don’t use common sense when around wild animals. Many were outside their cars just standing around watching him. A hiker was killed by a grizzly in Yellowstone while we there. The bear was later caught and euthanized. Sad for the man, sad for the bear (she had cubs).Yes, I think cougars would scare me a lot. Pretty sure there are some here in Michigan, even though the DNR says there are not.

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